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About the Blog

I’ve noticed an increase in readers recently, so I thought the time was right to explain a little about the blog.

I work near Changi airport, but have no connection with it. So all the movements are from unofficial sources. I miss things, but that’s to be expected.

I’ve taken a decision to make the blog historical. So, the earliest I’ll post about any given day will be the day after.

Comments are currently disabled. Please use the Contact Me page if you have any questions.

Movements from here are a mixture of my own sightings, my SBS logs, and data from the airport’s web-site: iCargo.net.

I list all the biz movements I know about plus selected passenger and cargo movements. I have neither the time nor inclination to list all the local PK-, 9M-, and 9V- movements. However my SBS is running for most of the time, so should anyone have a request for anything not listed, please feel free to ask via the Contact Me page. Please try and be as specific as you can.

Civil movements from here are mostly from SBS with help from Flightaware. I do have some more movements that I don’t want to post. Send me an email if you’re interested.

Movements from here are a mix of logs from Craig, JC, and myself with additional help from Flightaware and SBS.


CHANGI. Spotting and photography from the inside the terminals is fine (the viewing mall in T1 is probably the best place). Be careful if you are on Changi beach taking photos, it’s not exactly illegal but it might not be understood as being a hobby

PAYA LEBAR. Should you feel the need to go spotting here be discreet, be very discreet. It’s an active military base. If you spend any length of time here with binos, you’ll probably get into trouble, and it’s got nothing to do with me…

SELETAR. Spotting here seems to be allowed, but leave that camera in your bag!