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New Tigerair Taiwan aircraft

Posted by on November 13, 2014

Something calling [TTW5003] (a TIGERAIR TAIWAN callsign) with a hex of 899024 departed from somewhere around here yesterday. There was nothing on iCargo so I think it probably left from Seletar rather than Changi.

Putting 2 and 2 together (and probably coming up with 7) TIGERAIR A320 9V-TAW has been sat at Seletar for the last couple of weeks, so I wonder if that’s what it was. No doubt time will tell.

Just to tease you, my next post will deal with some juicy morsels related to the G20 bash down in Brisbane – strewth!



4 Responses to New Tigerair Taiwan aircraft

  1. ALAN

    morning smiley from belfast

    you bird was indeed ex 9V-TAW and was transferred to Tigerair Taiwan on the 12/11/14 as B-50003 HEX899024

    Hope this helps


  2. ALAN

    just one other may pass you in a week or so on delivery seen at glasgow airport 3x newzealand AF T6C Texans

    these are the id if you come across them

    Hex C87F23 NZ1403 /03 -N2841B ferry regs
    Hex C87F26 NZ1406 /06 -N2846B
    Hex C87F27 NZ1407 /07- N2847B

    Hope this helps


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