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Singapore: 06-Oct-2014.

Posted by on October 7, 2014

Not tied-up too many of hex codes recently, and I am not 100% sure about this one. Craig saw it land at XSP, and there only seemed to be one possible candidate on the box at the time. So rather daringly putting 2 + 2 together:

PK-ELI Beech 400A (msn RK-111)= 8A034E

VQ-BKK A319: (-/15:12) calling itself [TGJ19] rather than the usual [TBJ19]


B-KTL GLEX: (12:37/14:09)
B-LIS G450: (18:12/-)
B-8100 G550: (-/-)
B-8273 G550: (-/13:11)
M-AAES CL65: (18:35/-) [TBJ25]
M-TYRA GL5T: (-/-)
N163FJ FA7X: (18:39/-)
N588LS GLF4: (-/14:11)
N988LS GLF4: (-/-)
VT-NGS CL64: (12:34/17:00)

N373FE DC10 FEDERAL EXPRESS: arrived 29/09/14.
N802NW A333 DELTA AIR LINES: arrived 01/10/14.
PT-MUA B77W TAM: arrived 02/09/2014.
PT-MUE B77W TAM: arrived 13/09/2014.
VH-XFA A332 AZUL: arrived 18/08/2014.

N279SG B742 (JETT8): in maintenance area; visible from T1.
9V-SVA B772 SINGAPORE AIRLINES: tail visible in hangars.
9V-SVD B772 SINGAPORE AIRLINES: visible from T1 viewing mall. Wears 9V-BLF.
9V-JEB B742 (JETT8): parked on a small apron near the military base on the northwest side of the airport. It’s painted green and if you do manage to see it when you’re taking-off, it’s unmistakable.

Nil points.

SELECTED MOVEMENTS (with biz taken from SBS):
VH-NHG F100 NETWORK AVIAITON: (-/12:02) and (13:16/-) air-test

M-LILJ CRJ2: (-/13:20)
VT-AOL E135: (21:57/-)

B-KID G550: arr
B-KTL GLEX: arr/dep
N800TE EA50: dep/arr
N9099H GL5T: arr
OY-TSS FA7X: arr
PK-ELI BE40: arr/dep (and I think arr/dep again)


Note: the information in this post relates to the date in the title of the post; not the date the post was, well for want of a better word, posted. Should you have any specific airliner or other query from today, please email via the contact me link.

Credits: CH Aviation, Craig, FR24, JC, Mark W, Me, Planespotters.net, Skyliner.

One Response to Singapore: 06-Oct-2014.

  1. Chris Taylor


    Beech 400 PK-ELI (I think) should be hex code 8A0464.I saw this depart Halim on the 5th.8A0464 should be a B737 of Sriwijaya Air(PK-CLE)?.

    Beech 350 A26-426 also departed Halim and it’s likely destination would be TUDM Butterworth.

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