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Singapore: 11-Feb-2014.

Posted by on February 15, 2014

Oh dear; airshows, Valentine’s Day, and (perhaps more mundane but just as important) work are all getting in the way of my blog. Never mind, I’ll try not miss anything!

AIRASIA X: (D7/XAX): Forget what I mentioned yesterday which was based on something I saw on my way to the airshow on the 12th Feb. The aircraft I saw was 9M-XXM which arrived here today (11th). I think there was another one in for maintenance a couple of weeks ago too (which I also saw, but forgot to investigate).

Movement of the year (so far) arrived this evening in the shape of 1301, a UAE AIR FORCE A330-200MRTT. Very nice. It arrived in connection with the airshow. iCargo seems to think it came from Mala Mala in South Africa, but I’m not sure about that.

There were a number of biz, but Globals N34U and N933EY were the only ones that grabbed my attention. N413JG, the gorgeous WESTSTAR Boeing 737-200, was in and out briefly.

Antonov An-124 UR-82008 was in and out. There was a picture of it on the airshow’s Twitter feed so I guess it must have been in connection with that. I can confirm it was at Changi and not the airbase.

ATLAS AIR Boeing 747 N476MC was also in and out on using an ETIHAD call-sign.

JETSTAR AIRWAYS A321 VH-VWY departed after maintenance and 9M-XXM Airbus A330 arrived for a spell in the hangars.

Paya Lebar
I think USMC KC-130J 167983 may have hopped from here to the airshow this evening but I’m not entirely sure.

Gulfstream V T7-VIL brightened up proceedings here this morning. There was very little else though. Gulfstream G450 OE-IOK was the only thing that stood out.

Full details below.

B-6418 A319 CAPTIAL AIRLINES: (-/09:06) as [CBJ588]
N413JG B732 WESTSTAR: (16:00/17:09)
N737CC B737 MID EAST JET: (-/-) on biz stands
N835BA B737 BOEING: (-/-) – on T1 remote stand.
V8-ALI B744 BRUNEI GOVERNMENT: (-/-) on T2 remote stand

B-LSC GLF4 (G450): (18:04/19:10) as [TBJ08]
B-8151 GALX (G200): (-/14:26) as [DER500]
B-8269 GLF5 (G550): (-/15:14)
N12U FA7X: (-/-) this arrived on the 10th.
N34U GLEX: (06:36/-)
N37AL GLF5: (-/08:16)
N103ZZ GL5T: (-/20:19) as [TBJ29]
N688LS GLF4: (15:02/16:46)
N933EY GLEX: (19:21/-) as [EJM933]
N988LS GLF4: (-/10:51)
OE-INM CL65: (16:16/-)
TC-KHB GLF4: (G450): (-/-)
VP-BCC GLF5 (G500): (-/-)
VP-CSH GLF4 (G450): (15:06/16:26)

555 A320 OMAN AIR FORCE: (-/-) on biz stands

VH-VWY A321 JETSTAR AIRWAYS: arrived from DRW at 07:33 as [JST992]
9M-XXM A332 AIRASIA X: arrived from KUL at 08:34 as [XAX688]

CS-TLO B763 EURO ATLANTIC: (-/09:39) to KTM (Tribhuvan) as [MMZ969]
N476MC B744 ATLAS AIR: (19:41/21:41) from Abu Dhabo and to Port Moresby as [ETD9966]
RA-78845 IL76 RUSSIAN AIR FORCE: (-/-) parked at the far end of the eastern cargo stands.
UR-82008 A124 ANTONOV: (03:48/15:52) from MAA as [ADB1568] and to (?) as [ADB168F]

1301 A332 UAE AIR FORCE: (18:24/-) allegedly from Mala Mala as [UAF1301].



From the box:
N73M GLF5 (G550): dep
N168RT GLF4: arr
N380GP H25X (800XP): arr
N888GY CRJ2: arr
N1812C GLEX: arr
OE-IOK GLF4: arr
OE-INM CL65: dep
T7-VIL GLF5: arr


Note: the information in this post relates to the date in the title of the post; not the date the post was, well for want of a better word, posted. Should you have any specific airliner or other query from today, please email via the contact me link.

Credits: CH Aviation, Craig, FR24, JC, Malcom Greenbaum, Mark W, Me, Planespotters.net, Skyliner.

2 Responses to Singapore: 11-Feb-2014.

  1. Tom

    Hi Smiley, I believe the G5 T7-VIL should be T7-TIL?
    Also, aside from 9M-XXM I believe there was a second XAX A330 on maintenance at Changi on 11Feb14 but not sure which one it was.

    • Smiley

      Yes you’re right about the GV. No idea where I got VIL from! Thanks for this and the other info. I think you’re right about the 2 AirAsia Xs too.

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