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Taipei Taoyuan round up – January 2019

Posted by on February 19, 2019

Not much from me this time, as I was away for nearly the whole month.

Away from the SINGAPORE AIRLINES B787-10s that dominate the list below, there are a couple worthy of mention.

First up was HS-VKC A320 of THAI VIETJET AIR which kicked off the year in some style for me on 1-JAN. I later discovered that it was also in (making its 1st visit) on 28-DEC-2018.

JUNEYAO AIRLINES B787-9 B-208A was the other one that caught my eye. It made a 1st visit on 24-Jan and had been a daily visitor ever since.

I mentioned last time that we still haven’t had any MAXs here. That was incorrect as I’d forgotten that THAI LION AIR occasionally operate their 9 MAXs in to TPE. HS-LSH, LSI, and LSK have all been in.

B-18312 A330-302 (0769) has become LY-GEO with GetJet Airlines and departed TPE in January.
B-18316 A330-302 (0838) I reported last time that this was in the CAL hangars stripped of paint. It wasn’t a lease return and has since gone back into service (on 1-Feb).

Started using B787-10s into TPE in January. The aircraft operates on [SIA876/877] which is a lunchtime arrival.

Have added 3 extra flights a week from Kuala Lumpur (KUL). Extra flights are on Tues, Wed, and Sat. Operated by B737-800s.

Parent group ANA is to merge PEACH with VANILLA AIR [JW/VNL] and as a result PEACH will take over VANILLA’s services into TPE.

Interesting visitors.
HS-VKC A320-214 Thai Vietjet Air to/from Bangkok (BKK) as [TVJ3564/3565]
JA813X B737-86N Solaseed Air [SNJ9167/9168]
JA821A B787-8 All Nippon Airways
9V-OJG B787-9 Scoot – departed after going tech on 30-DEC-2018.
9V-SCH B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
HL8007 B777-3B5ER K0rean Air
JA813X B737-86N Solaseed Air [SNJ9167/9168]
JA840A B787-8 All Nippon Airways
9V-SCA B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
RP-C9935 A321-271N Philippine Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCF B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCC B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCE B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCB B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCG B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
9V-SCD B787-10 Singapore Airlines (1st visit)
B-208A B787-9 Juneyao Airlines (1st visit)

On maintenance @ EGAT
JA737Q B737-86N Skymark Airways: (arr 5-Jan/-)
JA805A B787-8 All Nippon Airways: (arr 27-Jan/-)
JA819A B787-8 All Nippon Airways: (arr 25-Nov-2018/dep 8-Jan)
JA820A B787-8 All Nippon Airways: (arr 25-Dec-2018/dep 25-Jan)
JA8286 B767-381ER(BCF) All Nippon Airways: (arr 29-Jan/-)
N310UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 24-Jan/-)
N316UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 26-Dec-2018/dep 9-Jan)
N319UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 29-Dec-2018/dep 13-Jan)
N323UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 26-Jan/-)
N412MC B747-47UF ATLAS AIR: (arr 29-Dec-2018/-)
N492MC B747-47UF ATLAS AIR: (arr 31-Jan/-)
N580UP B747-428(F) UPS: (arr 18-Jan/-)
N583UP B747-4R7(F) UPS: (arr 29-Dec-2018/dep 13-Jan)
N661AC B767-304ER (Thomson Airways) (arr 3-Dec-2018/-)
N665AC B767-36DER (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 25-Sep-2018/-) think this is still here
N668AC B767-36DER (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 3-Aug 2018/dep 23-Jan) see below
OE-LAE B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines: (arr 11-Dec-2018/dep 12-Jan)
OE-LAW B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines: (arr 14-Jan/-)
OE-LAX B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines (arr 22-Nov-2018/dep 8-Jan)

N668AC B767-36DER(BCF) (950/35156): became B-208R with SF Airlines. Departed TPE on 23-Jan to CJU/TSN and later turned up in PEK on 26-Jan before entering service the same day.

HS-STB B747-441 (917/24956): I read a report in Air-Britain that this has been broken up after storage here. It’s still sat in the north-western corner of the airport. It’s minus some parts but is still in one piece.

CreditsFR24, me.

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