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Taipei Taoyuan round up – December 2018.

Posted by on January 3, 2019

Short rations this time as I was away for a week or so. There’ll be even less next month as I’m going to be spending most of this month in Beijing (where I may even learn something about the Trent 1000 – see the note about 9V-OJG below). Anyway, onwards!

Plenty of neos this month, but still no MAXs…

I suspect not many people saw what was probably the most interesting visitor of the month (myself included). RP-C7933 a PAN PACIFIC AIRLINES A320 dropped in during the early hours of Dec 20. She stayed about 3 hours and was gone before the dawn (sound’s like a line from a Supertramp song!) She was calling [AAV600] which is a scheduled ICN to MNL service, so I suspect it was a medical emergency of some sort.

RP-C7933 A320-232 Pan Pacific Airlines

Photo: Seongsu Kim

Boeing 767-300 N661AC, the latest freighter conversion arrival at EGAT, arrived still pinging as G-OBYE.

Lastly, SCOOT B787-9 9V-OJG was stranded here with an engine problem from 30-DEC. Alas, as I’m not a Trent 1000 expert, I was unable to offer little other than coffee and not particularly useful advice along the lines of ‘you don’t want to do it like that!’ In case you’re wondering, she finally escaped on New Year’s day.

On which note I’ll leave you with a wish for a very happy new year etc. See ya back here at the end of February.


China Airlines [CI/CAL]
B-18312 A330-302 (0769) has been withdrawn from service and is currently being prepared for lease return. All-white and is parked in CAL maintenance. Last service was CAL173 (KIX-TPE) on 12-NOV-2018.
B-18316 A330-302 (0838) hasn’t flown since 17-DEC-2018 (as CAL704 MNL-TPE) and is currently in the CAL hangars stripped of paint. Lease return is not confirmed though.

Started a BWN-TPE-BWN service on 3-DEC-2018. First service was operated by A320-251N V8-RBD. The service is an afternoon arrival [RBA451/RBA452] and operates on Mon, Thurs, and Fri.

Interesting visitors.
HS-CBK A320-251N Thai AirAsia (1st visit)
TC-LJO B777-F Turkish Airlines (1st visit)
V8-RBD A320-251N Royal Brunei Airlines (1st visit)
9V-TNA A320-271N Scoot (1st visit)
V8-RBB A320-251N Royal Brunei Airlines (1st visit)
V8-RBA A320-251N Royal Brunei Airlines (1st visit)
RP-C9933 A321-271N Philippine Airlines (1st visit?)
N492MC B747-47UF Atlas Air (arrived and departed as [QFA7581] from/to MEL/BKK)
HL8331 B737-8JP Jeju Air (1st visit?)
RP-C7933 A320-232 Pan Pacific Airlines (from/to ICN/MNL as [AVV600]) (1st visit)
V8-RBC A320-251N Royal Brunei Airlines (1st visit)
RP-C9934 A321-271N Philippine Airlines (1st visit?)
HS-CBB A320-251N Thai AirAsia (1st visit?)
9M-MTK A330-323 Malaysia Airlines
JA813X B737-86N Solaseed Air (from/to FUK as [SNJ9167/SN9168])

On maintenance @ EGAT
HL7732 B777-28EER Asiana: (arr 14-Nov/dep 11-Dec)
JA17KZ B747-8KZF Nippon Cargo: (arr 29-Oct/dep 11-Dec)
JA73NM B737-81D Skymark: (arr 7-Dec/dep 24-Dec)
JA73NU B737-86N Skymark: (arr 28-Nov/9-Dec)
JA754A B777-381 All Nippon Airways: (arr 20-Dec/dep 26-Dec)
JA819A B787-8 All Nippon Airways: (arr 25-Nov/-)
JA820A B787-8 All Nippon Airways: (arr 25-Dec/-)
JA877A B787-9 All Nippon Airways: (arr 6-Dec/dep 23-Dec)
JA876A B789-9 All Nippon: (arr 21-Nov/dep 06-Dec)
N538LA B763-316ER(F) LAN Cargo: (arr 7-Aug/dep 14-Dec)
N316UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 26-Dec/-)
N319UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 29-Dec/-)
N412MC B747-47UF ATLAS AIR: (arr 29-Dec/-)
N583UP B747-4R7(F) UPS: (arr 29-Dec/-)
N718BA B747-4H6LCF Atlas Air: (arr 25-Nov/dep 19-Dec)
N661AC B767-304ER (Thomson Airways) (arr 3-Dec/-)
N665AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 25-Sep/-) think this is still here
N668AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 3-Aug/-) think this is still here
OE-LAE B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines: (arr 11-Dec/-)
OE-LAT B767-31AER Austrian Airlines (arr 29-Oct/dep 7-Dec)
OE-LAX B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines (arr 22-Nov/-)

9M-MTX A330-223 Malaysia Airlines: went tech after arrival from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) as [MAS366] on 2-DEC. Departed as [MAS367D] on the evening of 3-DEC.

9V-OJG B787-9 Scoot: went tech after arrival from Tokyo (NRT) as [TGW899]. Eventually left for Singapore (SIN) as [TGW7002] on 1-JAN-2019.

B-16785 B777-F (1585/62827): delivered from Everett (PAE) and arrived on 15-DEC as [EVA689].

CreditsFR24Skyliner, Seongsu Kim, me.

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