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Taipei Sung Shan round up – November 2018.

Posted by on December 2, 2018

B-602L Global 5000

What a puppy! Global 5000 B-602L provided some excitement this month. For those who use Facebook, click on the photo for the full image.

Credit: Charlie Cheng

Honda Jet N707FH on the 1st and again on the 3rd was nice (and missed both times by me). Another Honda Jet, N420HR, was in on the 12th and again on the 15th (yep, missed that one too). HONG KONG JET’s A330 VP-CBE was in on the 12th. Lineage N783MM night stopped on the 15th. Also on that day were PK-TWY Gulfstream IV-SP and N939GS Global 5000. Star of the month was the gorgeous Global 5000 pictured above B-602L which night-stopped on the 19th. Departing on the 19th was Gulfstream G550 B-8269 (not sure when she arrived). Another Global 5000, 9M-TAN, was in and out on the 22nd. B-5999 Gulfstream G550 was in and out on the 26th. N312ZW Gulfstream G650 was in and out on 27th and Global 6000 N504R arrived on 28th. Finally, Lear 60 VH-AND was in and out on the 29th.

Interesting visitors.
1: N707FH Honda Jet (dep – arrived 31-Oct)
3: N707FH Honda Jet (arr – dep 4th)
VP-CKV Gulfstream G650 (arr – dep 10th)
4: N605PS Challenger 605 (dep – arrived 30-Oct)
VP-CPD Gulfstream G450 (arr – dep 6th)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr – dep 5th)
6: N598KZ Gulfstream V (arr/dep)
7: B-8316 Gulfstream G450 (arr – dep 9th)
N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
N116FE Gulfstream G200 (arr – dep 12th)
N524EA Gulfstream G650 (arr – dep 8th)
9: LX-MCO Airbus A319-115CJ (arr/dep)
N319PP Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 10th)
N650ER Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
10: N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 arr/dep)
11: LX-MCO Airbus A319-115CJ (arr – dep 12th)
N650ER Gulfstream G650 (arr – dep 12th)
N990NB Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 13th)
VP-CBE Airbus A330-202 (arr/dep)
12: N420HR Honda Jet (arr – dep ?)
N59978 Challenger 350 (dep – arrived ?)
13: N65WL Global Express (arr -dep 15th)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr/dep)
14: N59978 Challenger 350 (arr)
VQ-BCC Global 6000 (arr – dep 15th)
15: LX-MLO Global 5000 (arr/dep)
N420HR Honda Jet (arr/dep)
N783MM Lineage 1000 (arr – dep 16th)
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
N939GS Global 5000 (arr/dep)
PK-TWY Gulfstream IV-SP (arr – dep 16th)
16: LX-MLO Global 5000 (dep – arrived on 15th?)
17: N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
18: N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
VP-CCK Global 5000 (arr/dep)
19: B-602L Global 500 (arr – dep 20th)
B-8269 Gulfstream G550 (dep – arrived ?)
VP-CLK Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 21st)
20: LX-MLO Global 5000 (arr – dep?)
N550AL Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 21st)
22: 9M-TAN Global 5000 (arr – dep 23rd)
23: N319PP Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 24th)
25: VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr/dep)
26: B-5999 Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr/dep)
27: N312ZW Gulfstream G650 (arr – dep 29th)
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (arr – dep 28th)
28: N504R Global 6000 (arr – dep?)
29: N319PP Gulfstream G550 (arr – dep 30th)
VH-AND Learjet 60 (arr/dep)

Taoyuan, 2-Dec-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, Charlie Cheng, me.

One Response to Taipei Sung Shan round up – November 2018.

  1. Keith

    Morning Smiley – B-602L was noted by me Luton on 30th September 2018 – nice livery but unchanged from when it carried its OE-IXX registration. Operated by Business Aviation Asia (BAA) & based at Shenyang (ZYTX/SHE). Great updates to the Blog.

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