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Taoyuan round up – November 2018

Posted by on December 2, 2018


AERONEXUS Boeing 767-35DER ZS-NEX was an interesting visitor during November.Click on the image or here to view the full image.
Credit: Mikko Mertanen

Started a AUK-TPE-AUK B787-9 service on 1-Nov. First service was operated by ZK-NZD. I’ve listed the various aircraft as 1st visits, but I believe ANZ have operated here in the past. Not sure if that was with the Dreamliners though.

Have started using B747-400s on some services here (replacing A330-300s).

Not really news but it’s my blog, so deal with it. CEBU’s A321 have been regular visitors in the early hours on [CEB310/311] for some time now but towards the end of the month, they started making a welcome appearance on the mid-morning service [CEB312/313].

Have sold B747-45EF B-16482 to ATLAS AIR as N486MC. It left Taipei (TPE) on 7-Nov.

Had announced that with the start of the winter season they would be using A380 equipment on the late morning arrival from Seoul (ICN)[KAL691/692] but in reality there has been a mix of A388s and B748s.

Local press reports have stated that RBA will be operating a BWN-TPE-BWN service soon.

I read a report that TLM were going to introduce their B737-8 Max on some of their services into here from Bangkok (DMK) in November. Nothing to report this month, but getting ahead of myself, HS-LSI a -9 MAX turned up on 2-Dec.

Interesting visitors.
In addition to the airliners, there were a couple of others worthy of comment. Gulfstream G550 N73M was in and out on 4-Nov. AERONEXUS’s Boeing 767-300 ZS-NEX was here for a few days from 15-Nov. Hawker 800 HS-CPH was in and out on 29-Nov.

1: ZK-NZD B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
9M-MTV A330-223 Malaysia Airlines (1st visit)
2: 9M-MTX A330-223 Malaysia Airlines (1st visit)
3: ZK-OKC B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
4: JA24MC A320-214 Starflyer
N73M Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep)
5: B-LXE A350-1041 Cathay Pacific (1st visit)
6: N612UP B747-8F UPS (1st visit)
7: N73M Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep)
8: HL7642 B747-8B5 Korean Air
ZK-NZE B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
9: 9M-MTZ Airbus A330-223 Malaysia Airlines (1st visit)
B-55411 Airbus A318-112CJ (dep – arrived 28-Oct)
10: ZK-NZK B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
13: ZK-NZG B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
15: JA26MC A320-214 Starflyer (1st visit)
ZK-NZH B787-9 Air New Zealand (1st visit)
ZS-NEX B767-35DER Aeronexus (dep 18-Nov)
16: XU-878 A319-112 Cambodia Airways (1st visit)
20: N492MC B747-47UF Atlas Air
22: HL8082 B787-9 Korean Air
26: HL8342 B737-8KN Easter Jet (1st visit)
27: HS-LUU B737-8GP Thai Lion Air (1st visit)
29: B-LXF A350-1041 Cathay Pacific (1st visit)
HS-CPH Hawker 800XP (arr/dep)

On maintenance @ EGAT
As far as I know, all 3 freighter conversions (N538LA, N665AC, and N668AC) are still here, but N538LA was outside doing engine runs during the latter part of the month and may well have escaped.

HL7732 B777-28EER Asiana: (arr 14-Nov/-)
JA17KZ B747-8KZF Nippon Cargo: (arr 29-Oct/-)
JA73NL B737-8HX Skymark: (arr 9-Nov/dep 25-Nov)
JA73NK B737-86N Skymark: (arr 16-Oct/dep 5-Nov)
JA73NT B737-86N Skymark: (arr 31-Oct/dep 17-Nov)
JA73NU B737-86N Skymark: (arr 28-Nov/-)
JA819A B787-8 All Nippon: (arr 25-Nov/-)
JA822A B787-8 All Nippon: (arr 7-Oct/dep 17-Nov)
JA875A B787-9 All Nippon: (arr 20-Oct/dep 5-Nov)
JA876A B789-9 All Nippon: (arr 21-Nov/-)
N249BA B747-409LCF Atlas Air: (arr 8-Oct/dep 10-Nov)
N354UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 18-Oct/dep 2-Nov)
N355UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 2-Nov/dep 18-Nov)
N538LA B763 LAN Cargo: (arr 7-Aug/-)
N578UP B747-45EF UPS: (arr 30-Oct/dep 25-Nov)
N718BA B747-4H6LCF Atlas Air: (arr 25-Nov/-)
N858GT B747-87UF Atlas Air: (arr 30-Oct/dep 5-Nov)
N665AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 25-Sep/-)
N668AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 3-Aug/-)
OE-LAT B767-31AER Austrian Airlines (arr 29-Oct/-)
OE-LAX B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines (arr 22-Nov/-)
OE-LAZ B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines (arr 29-Oct/dep 20-Nov)

N486MC B747-45E(F) Atlas Air: dep to HKG on 7-Nov following sale by EVA to Atlas. It’s ex-B-16482.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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