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Taipei Taoyuan maintenance movements – March 2008

Posted by on April 3, 2018

I know there have been some spotters from the UK here in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d get my finger out and post the following about various maintenance movements on the off chance that they might visit the blog.

Courtesy of 徐鴻鑫 here’s a photo of the main talking point this month. It’s N1427A a Boeing 767-300 which was converted to freighter here and delivered to PRIME AIR. This one has now left, but there’s a second one here: N1489A.

N1427A B767-306ER(BCF)

N1427A B767-306ER(BCF)

EGAT (bold type designates that the aircraft was still here on March 31).
HL7413 B744 Asiana (arr 15-Mar)
HL7528 B763 Asiana (arr 17-Mar)
HL7620 B744 Asiana (arr 4-Feb/dep 16-Mar)
JA737R B738 Skymark (arr 19-Feb/dep 4-Mar)
JA737X B738 Skymark (arr 10-Mar/dep 23-Mar)
JA737Y B738 Skymark (arr 24-Mar)
JA603A B763 All Nippon (arr 22-Mar)
JA604F B763 All Nippon (arr 17-Feb/dep 23-Mar)
JA620A B763 All Nippon (arr 7-Mar/dep 27-Mar)
JA622A B763 All Nippon (arr 25-Mar)
JA627A B763 All Nippon (arr 6-Feb/dep 8-Mar)
JA812A B788 All Nippon (arr 17-Mar)
N289UP MD11 UPS (arr 17-Mar/dep 19-Mar)
N303UP B763 UPS (arr 17-Mar)
N317UP B763 UPS (arr 9-Mar/dep 24-Mar)
N340UP B763 UPS (arr 24-Mar)
N408MC B744 Atlas Air (arr 3-Feb/dep 16-Mar)
N477MC B744 Atlas Air (arr 19-Feb/dep30-Mar)
N578UP B744 UPS (arr 9-Feb/dep 6-Mar)
N581UP B744 UPS (arr 28-Feb)
N638GT >> N1427A B763 Atlas Air/Prime Air: outside on 11-Mar (primer) and 23-Mar (c/s?). Air-test on 27-Mar (full Prime Air c/s). Dep to ANC on 28-Mar.
N1489A B763 Atlas Air (arr 27-Jan)
2-AERB B772 Ukraine International (dep 2-Mar)

China Airlines
3701 B738 RoC Air Force (arr 26-Feb)

B-16481 B744 EVA Air >> N485MC Atlas Air: air tests on 8-Mar and 10-Mar. Departed 31-Mar to HKG.
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: stored in north-western corner of airport.
N805AV A321 Avianca (ex-B-22608): air-test 12-Mar.
N810AV A321 Avianca (ex-B-22610): air test 11-Mar. Has subsequently departed.

B-18916 A350-941 (191) China Airlines: arr TPE 8-Mar, 1st service 12-Mar to HKG as [CAL903/904]

Taoyuan, 3-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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