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Singapore: 18-Jun-2013.

Posted by on June 19, 2013

P2-LAC L-100, which was a Paya Lebar weather diversion last night, continued its journey to Paya just before lunch. PK-PFZ a Pelita Fokker 100 turned up this afternoon. Also worthy of note was VN-B223 a Vietnam Airlines ATR72; it’s been in before, but not very often. Finally, B-5916 A333 Air China was a first visit. Not much in the way of biz, but G450 VH-MPB a late arrival from last night was nice to see. There was also another unknown Chinese biz: B-8208 a F900/FA7X.

As detailed below, PK-PAW a Pelita Air ATR72 departed here this morning. It’s been making its way slowly from France over the last few days; ex Kingfisher I believe. OE-ICD A320 flew to nearby Johor this afternoon and returned later.

Full details below.


B-8208 F???: 780974
P2-LAC C130 Lynden Air Cargo: 89807F
P2-PAW AT75 Pelita Air: 8A03EE

B-5788 B737-85C/W (msn 4497/38382) Xiamen Airlines
PK-PAW ATR72-212A (msn746) Pelita Air: this departed from Seletar this morning at 0800. I don’t know when it arrived, but I suspect it may have been on the 16th.

Pax movements:
A6-EBF B77W Emirates
A6-EBM B77W Emirates
A6-EBP B77W Emirates
A6-EBX B77W Emirates
A6-ECE B77W Emirates
A6-ECS B77W Emirates
A6-EDJ A388 Emirates
A6-EGO B77W Emirates
A6-EYN A333 Etihad
A6-EYS A333 Etihad
A7-BAF B77W Qatar Airways
A7-BBB B77L Qatar Airways
B-HLU A333 Cathay Pacific
B-HNG B773 Cathay Pacific
B-HNK B773 Cathay Pacific
B-HNM B773 Cathay Pacific
B-HNP B773 Cathay Pacific
B-HUB B744 Cathay Pacific
B-HXH A343 Cathay Pacific
B-HXJ A343 Cathay Pacific
B-LAE A333 Cathay Pacific
B-2167 B738 China Eastern
B-2366 A320 China Southern
B-2400 A320 China Eastern
B-2563 B763 Shanghai Airlines
B-5018 B763 Shanghai Airlines
B-5070 B737 China Southern
B-5357 B738 Shenzhen
B-5385 B738 Xiamen
B-5417 B738 Hainan
B-5533 B738 Xiamen
B-5565 B738 Xiamen
B-5916 A333 Air China – 1st Visit
B-6226 A319 Air China
B-6270 A321 China Southern
B-6271 A321 China Southern
B-6283 A320 China Southern
B-6375 A320 China Eastern
B-6347 A320 Sichuan
B-6503 A333 Air China
B-6546 A332 China Eastern
B-16713 B77W EVA
B-18305 A333 China Airlines
B-18310 A333 China Airlines
B-18601 B738 China Airlines
B-22102 A333 TransAsia
D-AIMH A388 Lufthansa
F-HPJB A388 Air France
G-CIVX B744 British Airways
G-STBB B77W British Airways
G-STBE B77W British Airways
HB-JML A343 Swiss International
HL7526 B772 Korean Air
HL7533 B773 Korean Air
HL7736 A333 Asiana
HS-PGZ A319 Bangkok Airways
JA619A B763 ANA
JA620A B763 ANA
JA621A B763 ANA
JA624A B763 ANA
JA826J B788 JAL
JA827J B788 JAL
JA829J B788 JAL
N708DN B77W Delta Air Lines
N795UA B772 United Airlines
N77006 B772 United Airlines
OH-LQG A343 Finnair
RP-C3331 A333 Philippine Airlines
RP-C3332 A333 Philippine Airlines
S2-ADF A310 Bangladesh
VH-EBC A332 Jetstar
VH-EBE A332 Jetstar
VH-VFI A320 Jetstar
VN-B223 AT72 Vietnam Airlines
VT-AXG B738 Air India Express
VT-IEL A320 Indigo
VT-IWA A332 Air India
VT-JBF B738 Jet Airways
VT-JBR B738 Jet Airways
VT-JBX B738 Jet Airways
VT-JWS A333 Jet Airways
VT-SCP A319 Air India
3B-NBD A343 Air Mauritius
4R-ABM A320 Sri Lankan
4R-ABN A320 Sri Lankan

Cargo movements:
A6-DDA B77L Etihad
A6-EFI B77L Emirates
B-HUS B744 Air Hong Kong
B-LNX A332 Hong Kong Airlines
B-2079 B77L China Cargo
B-16483 B744 EVA Air
B-18709 B744 China Airlines
D-AALF B77L Aerologic
HL7415 B744 Korean Air
HL7605 B744 Asiana
JA08KZ B744 Nippon Cargo
N309UP B763 UPS
N527FE MD11 Fed Ex
N597FE MD11 Fed Ex
N719FD A306 Fed Ex
N855FD B77L Fed Ex
P2-LAC C130 Lynden Air Cargo -/11:53(QPG)
9M-TGG B722 Transmile

N572FE MD11 Fed Ex: air-test
N651FE A306 Fed Ex: air-test (didn’t know this was here!)

Biz movements:
B-8208 F???: (CAN)17:47/-
N63AG E135: -/-
N80PS GLF5: -/- Have a feeling that this has left. I’ve just realised I can’t remember seeing it since last week.
N588LS GLF4: -/10:54(SGN)
N688LS GLF4: -/-
N789LS B733: -/10:58(PEN) and (PEN)13:59/-
N838JL H25B: (BKK)02:55/14:29(XSP) – probably an XSP weather diversion.
N887LS B737: -/-
N9939T G450: (SZB)09:34/-
VH-MBP G450: -/-
VH-PFJ BE90: -/08:53(CEB)
VH-PFL G550: -/00:07(ATH)
VP-BEL B738: -/-
VP-BEX A319: (PEK)21:07/-

Not a biz (maybe I need a section called Charters):
PK-PFZ F100 Pelita Air: (DPS)15:40/19:20(HLP)

OE-ICD A320: departed to JHB and returned.
PK-PAW AT75 Pelita: departed.

Noted by Craig:

Note: the information in this post relates to the date in the title of the post; not the date the post was, well for want of a better word, posted. Should you have any specific airliner or other query from today, please email via the contact me link.

Credits: Craig, Flightaware.com, FR24, JC, Me, Planespotters.net.

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