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Taipei Songshan: 25-Jun to 01-Jul-2017

Posted by on July 5, 2017

A few things to note this week. Sovereign N578AB (25th), Challenger D-AFAD (26th), King N350KF (30th and 1st), LAS VEGAS BBJ N887LS (1st), and G150 VH-PFV (1st).

Little else to tear me away from watching the tennis  though.

Beech 350 N350KF

Beech 350 N350KF – Chung Cheng Hsueh

Sun 25-Jun
N319PP G550 (arr/dep)
N578AB C680: (arr/dep)
N810TS GL6T: (-/dep) (arrived 24-Jun)
VH-PFA LJ35: (-/dep)

Mon 26-Jun
B-54111 A319: (-/dep) (arrived 19-Jun)

B-88322 GLF6: (-/dep) (arrived 21-Jun)
B-99988 GLF6: (-/dep) (arrived 21-Jun)
D-AFAD CL64: (arr/-)
N10TS C680: (-/dep) (arrived 21-Jun)

Tues 27-Jun
B-09590 B737: (arr/-)

B-56789 GLF6: (-/dep) (arrived 20-Jun)
B-988888 GL5T: (-/dep) (arrived 18-Jun)
D-AFAD CL64: (-/dep)
N650ER GLF6: (arr/dep)

Wed 28-Jun
Quite possibly nil points although G150 N77709 may have landed

Thurs 29-Jun
B-56789 GLF6: (arr/-)
B-98888 GL6T: (arr/dep)
N650ER GLF6: (arr/-)

Fri 30-Jun
B-99988 GLF6: (arr/-)
N10TS C680: (arr/-)
N350KF BE30: (arr/dep)
N899CH GL6T: (?/dep) not sure when it arrived
VP-CYH G450: (arr/-)

Sat 1-Jul
N887LS B737: (arr/-)

B-66666 G280: (arr/-)
B-99888 G550: (-dep) (arrived 20-Jun)
B-99988 GLF6: (-/dep)
N116FE GLAX: (arr/-)
N350KF BE30: (arr/dep) and (arr/dep)
N650ER GLF6: (-/dep)
VH-PFV G150: (arr/dep)
VP-CYH G450: (-.dep)

Taoyuan, 5-Jul-2017.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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