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Taipei Songshan: 18-24 Jun 2017

Posted by on June 28, 2017

Slightly later than usual with the report this week. Those who worry about me slowing down in my dotage will be reassured to hear that alcohol rather than senility is to blame (although the end results are often confused with each other).

There’s been a lot of runway changes recently and as I may have mentioned, my SBS struggles with arrivals and departures from the east. So the following is by no means complete. The Facebook group for the airport has recently posted photos of Falcon 7X B-2805 and MD-87 N168CF but they’re undated so I’m not sure if they were recent movements.

Anyway, enough, let’s get on with what I know was here…

There’s actually not that much to comment on. BAe 125 HS-CPH was in out on 18-Jun, VISTAJET MALTA Global 9H-VJS arrived on 19-Jun, and Learjet 35 VH-PFA was in on 20-Jun. 21-Jun was possibly the best day with Sovereign N10TS, Challenger N605PS, Gulfstream G550 N885WT and Global N3389H all arriving. 22-Jun saw Legacy B-3799 arrive. I think most of the preceding have been in before, but one I didn’t recognise was Global N810TS on 23-Jun.

With thanks to Chung Cheng Hsueh here’s HS-CPH arriving on 18-Jun.

BAe 125-800 HS-CPH

BAe 125-800 HS-CPH – Chung Cheng Hsueh

Sun 18-Jun
B-77777 A318: (arr/-)
N777UE A318: (-/dep) (arrived 17-Jun)

B-98888 GL5T: (arr/-)
B-99888 G550: (arr/-)
HS-CPH H25B: (arr/dep)
N899CH GL5T: (arr/-)

Mon 19-Jun
B-54111 A319: (arr/-)
B-77777 A318: (-/dep)

B-88322 GLF6: (-/dep) (arrived 14-Jun)
B-96999 GL6T: (arr/-)
N319PP G550: (arr/-)
N818AC CL65: (arr/dep)
9H-VJS GL6T: (arr/-)

Tues 20-Jun
B-56789 GLF6: (arr/-)
B-96999 GL6T: (-/dep)
B-99888 G550: (-/dep) and (arr/-)
N116FE GALX: (arr/-)
N319PP G550: (arr/-)
VH-PFA LJ35: (arr/-) as [MEDIC35]

Wed 21-Jun
B-88322 GLF6: (arr/-)
B-95995 BE4X: (-/dep) not sure when it arrived
B-999988 GLF6: (arr/-)
N116FE GALX: (-/dep)
N10TS C680: (arr/-)
N605PS CL65: (arr/-)
N885WT G550: (arr/-)
N3389H GL5T: (arr/-)
VH-PFA LJ35: (-/dep) as [MEDIC35]
VP-CKL GLF6: (arr/dep)

Thurs 22-Jun
B-09590 B737: (-/dep) (arrived 6-Jun)
B-3799 E135: (arr/-)

B-8093 G450: (arr/dep)
B-20001 ASTR: (arr/dep)
N899CH GL6T: (-/dep)
N116FE GALX: (arr/-)
N77709 G150: (arr/-) I think
9H-VJS GL6T: (-/arr)

Fri 23-Jun
N966MS E190: (arr/-)

B-96999 GL6T: (arr/dep)
N810TS GL6T: (arr/-)
N885WT G550: (-/dep)
VP-CYH G450: (arr/dep)

Sat 24-Jun
B-3799 E135: (-/dep)
N966MS E190: (-/dep)

N605PS CL65: (-/dep)
N3389H GL5T: (-/dep)
VH-PFA LJ35: (arr/-)

Taoyuan, 28-Jun-2017.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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  2. Bob Holland

    Always enjoy reading your posts. Have recently added a link on the Gulfstream blog to make it easier to find.

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