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Taipei Songshan: 7-13 May 2017

Posted by on May 14, 2017

Little to report this week other than another Japanese visitor. This time it was Sovereign JA680C. On the basis that it’s easier (and quicker) to get forgiveness than permission, I’ve ‘alf-inched’ a photo from Flickr. You can see the full version by 阿樺樺 here. She arrived on 12-May.

Cessna 680 JA680C

Cessna 680 JA680C

Another one worthy of mention was Gulfstream G550 N3788B which stayed a few days. I did briefly consider more internet theft (in for a penny and all that) but in the end decided enough was enough.

Gulfstream G450 B-8128 had been here since 26-Apr.

B-8128 G450: (-/dep)
B-96999 GL6T: (-/dep)
B-99888 G550: (-/dep)
N3099 C680: (-/dep)

N319PP G550: (arr/dep)

B-77777 A318: (-/dep)

B-90609 G550: (arr/-)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/dep) and (-/arr)
N858CG GLF6: (arr/dep)
N3788B G550: (arr/-)

B-54111 A319: (arr/-)

N858CG GLF6: (arr/dep)
N3788B G550: (-/dep)

B-54111 A319: (-/dep)

B-56789 GLF6: (-/dep)
B-99888 G550: (arr/-)
JA680C C680: (arr/-)
N319PP G550: (arr/dep)
N899CH GL6T: (-/dep)

B-8128 G450: (arr/-)
N116FE GALX: (arr/-)
N858CG GLF6: (arr/dep)

Taoyuan, 14-May-2017.

Credits: FR24, 阿樺樺 me.

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