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Taipei Songshan: 30-Apr – 6-May 2017.

Posted by on May 7, 2017

When it comes to aircraft, this blog is very much an equal opportunities site. And while I can’t deny I’m partial to a bit of Gulfstream action, I’m very pleased to be able to share this photo of a nice visitor to TSA last weekend. With thanks to Clarence.

Ce750 N510CX

Ce750 N510CX

I’m equally pleased to be able to share Jim Hung‘s photo of this little puppy.

JA007F Cirrus Design SR-22

JA007F Cirrus Design SR-22

She was in for a couple of days and makes a welcome change from the usual diet of airliners and biz. From what I can gather, she went on to Kagoshima and then Hokkaido.

The locals were quiet today but that was more than made up for by the visit of Cessna 750 N510CX.

B-96999 GL6T: (arr/-)
N510CX C750: (arr/dep)

N888HK arrived from Honkers.

B-09590 B737: (arr/-)

B-90609 GLF6: (-/dep)
B-95995 BE4X: (-/dep) and (arr/-)
B-98888 GL6T: (arr/-)
N700HM GL5T: (arr/-)
N888HK G550: (arr/dep)
N3099 C680: (arr/-)

The Japanese Cirrus was the undoubted highlight of the week.

B-54111 A319: (arr/-)

B-95995 BE4X: (-/dep) and (arr/-)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/dep) and (arr/-)
B-99988 GLF6: (arr/-)
N3099 C680: (-/dep)

JA007F SR22: (arr/-)

B-98888 GL5T: (-/dep) and (arr/dep)
N899CH GL6T: (arr/-)

B-54111 A319: (-/dep) to (SHA)

B-95995 BE4X: (-/dep) and (arr/dep)

JA007F SR22: (-/dep)

VP- CYH came from and went back to Honkers.

B-96999 GL6T: (-/dep)
B-98888 GL5T: (arr/-)
VP-CYH G450: (arr/dep)

B-96999 GL6T: (arr/-)
N3099 C680: (arr/-)

Taoyuan, 7-May-2017.

Credits: FR24, Clarence Jing-Ping Fu, Jim Hung, me.

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