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Taipei Songshan: 30-Dec-2016 to 7-Jan 2017.

Posted by on January 14, 2017

Well, I’d like to say I’m back but the reality is that I’m not. As well as work, there have been other things going on to keep me busy, and tomorrow I’m off to Beijing for a week. When I return from there it’s the Lunar New Year party season (I’ve got 6 to go to so far; I’d forgotten how tough this job can be!). After that it’s the Lunar New Year break, and after that I’m enrolled in Mandarin evening school classes 3 times a week. So, the blog is probably going to take a backseat. Still, I’ll report what I can.

Quite a lot of biz recorded below but the one that stands out is Falcon 900DX A6-RTS on the 6th.

I’ve recorded this elsewhere but for the sake of completeness , ex-TNA A321 N746QQ┬ádeparted for the States on 7-JAN.

Anyway, here’s the biz.

30th Dec
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (15:40/-)
B-54111 A319: (-/08:10)
B-95995 BE4X: (19:05/-)
9H-VJO GL6T: (-/11:25)

31st Dec
B-55411 A318: 18:115/-
B-99888 GLF5 (G550): (18:30/-)
N319PP GLF5 (G550): (14:50/16:20)
N629GD GLF6: (15:25/16:15)
N899CH GLEX (6000): (07:25/-)
N77709 G150: (12:15/-)

1st Jan 2017
B-KEZ GL5T: (17:45/-)
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (-/07:50)

2nd Jan
B-KEZ GL5T: (13:30)
B-54111 A319: (20:30/-)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (11:30/-)
N116FE GALX: (18:45/-)

3rd Jan
B-55411 A318: (-/17:05)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (-/14:05)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/22:35)
B-99988 GLF6: (-/20:15)
9H-VFJ CL60 (605): (21:30/-)

4th Jan
B-95995 BE4X: (-/12:05)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (20:20/21:05)
N598KZ GLF5: (15:30/-)

5th Jan
B-HVP GLF5 (G550): (18:45/-)
B-54111 A319: (-/16:40)
N598KZ GLF5: (-/09:50)

6th Jan
A6-RTS F9DX: (13:40/-)
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (21:30/-)
B-8105 GLEX (6000): (18:50/-)
B-8157 GLF5 (G550): (12:00/-)
B-99999 E35L: (11:45/-)
N83CW GLF5: (18:00/-)

7th Jan
A6-RTS F9DX: (-/11:30)
B-HVP GLF5: (18:50)
N83CW GLF5: (-/13:50)
N629GD GLF6: (13:35/-)
N899CH GLEX (6000): (-/08:25)

Taoyuan, 14-Jan-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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