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Taipei: 08-Dec-2016

Posted by on December 10, 2016

I’ll start today with a strange hex code. It’s 899905 and I think it belongs to CHINA AIRLINES B747-400F B-18719. Looking at my SBS logs, I’ve picked this up twice and each time FR24 reports that the flight it operated was B-18719. FR24 doesn’t recognise 899905 but correctly gives B-18719 as 899105.

Pride of place today goes to JA802X the SOLASEED AIR pig that has arrived for some TLC from EGAT.

Interesting Movements:
A6-EDQ A380 Emirates: [UAE366/UAE367]
B-LRE A359 Cathay Pacific: [CPA474/CPA475]
N117UA B744 United Airlines: [-/UAL872]
N152DL B763 Delta Airlines: [-/DAL68] and [DAL579/-]
N175UA B744 United Airlines: [UAL871/-]
PH-BVI B77W KLM: [KLM807/KLM807] and [KLM808/KLM808]
TC-JJN B77W Turkish Airlines: [THY24/THY25]

N886WT GLF6: (-/06:42)

There’s now a 3rd all white pig outside the CHINA AIRLINES hangars. I couldn’t quite read it off today but I’m fairly sure it’s B-18601 which hasn’t flown since 23-NOV-16

AUSTRIAN AIRLINES B763 OE-LAX has been outside of EGAT for a few days now, so I think departure is imminent.

JA802X B738 Solaseed Air: (09:14/-) from HND as [SNJ9051]

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (arr 1-NOV)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (arr 14-OCT)
JA55AN B738 All Nippon: (arr 05-DEC)
JA737N B738 Skymark: (arr 25-NOV)
N474BC B744 Boeing: (arr 23-NOV)
N747GF B744 Genral Electric: (arr 12-NOV)
OE-LAX B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 14-NOV)

B-22101 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22102 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22103 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22105 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22310 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22311 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22318 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22320 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22608 A321 (TransAsia) (V Air scheme):
B-22610 A321 (TransAsia) (hybrid scheme):
B-22611 A321 (TransAsia):
B-22612 A321 (TransAsia):
b-18601 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
B-18607 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
B-18608 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: outside of the EGAT hangars


Another day another G650; well 2 actually, but one is locally based.

B-09590 B737: (-/-)
B-55411 A318: (-/-)

B-66666 G280: (-/-)
B-90609 GLF5 (G550): (-/-)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (-/09:10)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/-)
N629GD GLF6: (08:40/-)
N818AC CL60 (605): (15:25/-)
N899CH GLEX (6000): (-/09:20)
VP-CKL GLF6: (16:45/-)

B-22312 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22316 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22322 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22616 A321 (TransAsia):
B-22815 AT76 (TransAsia):
B-22821 AT76 (TransAsia):
B-22823 AT76 (TransAsia):
N746QQ A321 (TransAsia): (ex-B-22607)

Taoyuan, 10-Dec-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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