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Taipei: 04-Dec-2016

Posted by on December 5, 2016

There was another JETSTAR PACIFIC AIRLINES A320 this afternoon; VN-A555. Also for the second Sunday in a row we had a NIPPON CARGO AIRLINES B748 in, today’s one was JA16KZ, which friends and neighbours was something of a result!

Interesting Movements:
A6-EOB A380 Emirates: [UAE366/UAE367]
B-LRA A359 Cathay Pacific: [CPA474/CPA475]
B-LRE A359 Cathay Pacific: [CPA472/CPA473]
N175UA B744 United Airlines: [-/UAL872]
N197DN B763 Delta Airlines: [DAL69/-]
N120UA B744 United Airlines: [UAL871/-]
N156DL B763 Delta Airlines: [-/DAL68]
PH-BVB B77W KLM: [KLM807/KLM807] and [KLM808/KLM808]
TC-LJC B77W Turkish Airlines: [THY24/THY25]
VN-A555 A320 Jetstar Pacific Airlines: [PIC162/PIC163]

JA16KZ B748 Nippon Cargo Airlines: [NCA241/NCA842]

G-OBYE B763 THOMSON AIRWAYS: (-/19:41) to DWC as [TOM9257]
JA80AN B738 All Nippon: (-/00:12)to HND as [ANA9416]

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (arr 1-NOV)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (arr 14-OCT)
JA737N B738 Skymark: (arr 25-NOV)
N474BC B744 Boeing: (arr 23-NOV)
N747GF B744 Genral Electric: (arr 12-NOV)
OE-LAX B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 14-NOV)

B-22101 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22102 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22103 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22105 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22310 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22311 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22318 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22320 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22608 A321 (TransAsia) (V Air scheme):
B-22610 A321 (TransAsia) (hybrid scheme):
B-22611 A321 (TransAsia):
B-22612 A321 (TransAsia):
B-18607 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
B-18608 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: outside of the EGAT hangars


B-09590 B737: (-/-)
LX-MCE A319: (21:05/-)

B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (20:20/-)
B-8292 GLF5 (G550): (-/12:40)
B-66666 G280: (-/-)
B-90609 GLF5 (G550): (-/-) arrived 01-DEC-16
B-99888 GLF5 (G550): (-/-)
B-99988 GLF6: (-/-) possibly departed?
N168PK GLF4: (-/13:25)
VP-CMM GLF6: (-/12:00)

B-22312 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22316 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22322 A320 (TransAsia):
B-22607 A321 (TransAsia): to become N746QQ and no longer outside: possibly departed?
B-22616 A321 (TransAsia):
B-22815 AT76 (TransAsia):
B-22821 AT76 (TransAsia):
B-22823 AT76 (TransAsia):

Taoyuan, 05-Dec-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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