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Taipei: 19-Nov-2016

Posted by on November 20, 2016

There’s something of a TRANSASIA AIRWAYS theme about this post, but first of all I must clear up any confusion caused by a typo in the last two movement reports. B-16307 was the A330 that ferried to IND on Friday 18-NOV; not B-16707 (which is of course a Boeing 777).

Talking of Boeing 777’s, while I was taking photos today (19-NOV) the first 777 ever built (well, it’s line #1) B-HNL of CATHAY PACIFIC came in; Rolls-Royce powered too. Gotta love it.

Cathay Pacific B777-267 B-HNL

Cathay Pacific B777-267 B-HNL

VH-PFS LJ45: (-/09:18)

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (arr 1-NOV)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (arr 14-OCT)
N407KZ B744 ex-Nippon Cargo (ex-JA07KZ): (arr 1-NOV)
JA73NF B738 Skymark: (arr 06-NOV)
JA80AN B738 All Nippon: (arr-16-NOV)
N747GF B744 Genral Electric: (arr 12-NOV)
OE-LAX B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 14-NOV)

It was TRANSASIA’s A330 B-22101 turn to do a quick test flight today. As you’ll see it wasn’t quite the hour long flight that I’ve recommended they do for these flights. Guess that’s a job for Monday…

B-22101 A333 TransAsia: (-/10:13) and (10:24/-) as [TNATRN1]
B-22102 A333 TransAsia:
B-22103 A333 TransAsia:
B-22105 A333 TransAsia:
B-22608 A321 TransAsia:
B-18608 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: outside of the EGAT hangars


First of all, I can confirm that TRANSASIA A320 B-22322 is in their colours, although, like B-22320, its minus the stripes on the upper fuselage. Interestingly, I’ve now found out that it was all white when it was delivered, so I suppose it went to Angeles for painting.

Here’s a photo.

There was some Gulfstream G650 action today. All hallelujahs accepted.

Ex-TRANSASIA A321 N371QQ left for the States and the scrapyard. It ended up in Indianapolis which is where B-16307 is.

Delivery (or is that re-delivery?):
B-22322 A320 TransAsia Airways: (14:10/-) from CRK

B-3799 E35L: (-/-)
*B-99999 E35L: (-/-)

B-8128 G450: (19:20/-)
B-66666 G280: (-/-)
*B-77701 BE4X: (-/-)
*B-95995 BE4X: (-/-)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/-)
*B-99988 GLF6: (-/-)
N319PP G550: (16:45/17:50)
N605PS CL65: (-/17:30)
N629GD GLF6: (10:15/12:20)
N818AC CL65: (-/08:40)
N899CH GL6T: (-/-)
VP-CKV GLF6: (17:45/-)

N731QQ A2321 (TransAsia): (-/09:50) to IND via PKC and ANC

B-22316 A320 TransAsia (V-Air colours):
B-22607 A321 TransAsia:

* means aircraft is not confirmed as being here

Taoyuan, 20-Nov-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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