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Taipei: 18-Nov-2016

Posted by on November 19, 2016

Well I guess this was always going to happen. No sooner than I had posted that B-16307 was still still here, I found out that it had left. According to FR24 it went to Indianapolis.

TUIFLY Boeing 737 D-AHFV has been stripped of its titles and yellow paint and is now all-white. Not sure if it’s going to someone else or if TUI have thought of another lurid colour to paint it…

B737-8K5 D-AHFV

B737-8K5 D-AHFV

VH-PFS LJ45: (16:50/-)

B-16307 A332 (EVA Airways): (-/11:01) to IND as [BR307]

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (arr 1-NOV)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (arr 14-OCT)
N407KZ B744 ex-Nippon Cargo (ex-JA07KZ): (arr 1-NOV)
JA73NF B738 Skymark: (arr 06-NOV)
JA80AN B738 All Nippon: (arr-16-NOV)
N747GF B744 Genral Electric: (arr 12-NOV)
OE-LAX B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 14-NOV)

B-22101 A333 TransAsia:
B-22102 A333 TransAsia:
B-22103 A333 TransAsia:
B-22105 A333 TransAsia:
B-22608 A321 TransAsia:
B-18608 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: outside of the EGAT hangars


B-3799 E35L: (16:15/-)
*B-99999 E35L: (-/-)

B-66666 G280: (-/-)
*B-77701 BE4X: (-/-)
B-90609 G550: (-/14;50)
*B-95995 BE4X: (-/-)
B-98888 GL5T: (21:40/-)
*B-99988 GLF6: (-/-)
N605PS CL65: (11:35)
N818AC CL65: (-/-)
N899CH GL6T: (-/-)

B-22316 A320 TransAsia (V-Air colours):
B-22607 A321 TransAsia:
N731QQ A2321 (TransAsia):

* means aircraft is not confirmed as being here

Taoyuan, 19-Nov-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

2 Responses to Taipei: 18-Nov-2016

  1. Chris Witt

    you surely mean A321 -22606, now N731QQ (not B-16707) which had left
    D-AHFV will be re-delivered all white for another summer season prior return to lessor

    Cheers Skyliner Chris

    • Smiley

      Whoops. I meant A330 B-16307. It left on Friday. Don’t know if N731QQ is still at TSA. May go there tomorrow to check.

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