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Taipei, Songshan: 03-Nov-2016

Posted by on November 4, 2016

TRANSASIA’s new A321 B-22616 arrived this evening. Like many of the recent new arrivals here, it’s using a recycled hex code: 89908F which used to belong to EVA’s B747 B-16409.

An old acquaintance from my previous life in Singapore turned up today. It was LAS VEGAS SANDS Gulfstream IV-SP N588LS.

Finally, I think Diamond DA40 B-88001 arrived here too today. It’s based at Ansett’s flying school down south in Taitung.

I think the following is widely known, but just in case here are details of the school’s aircraft.

B-88001 DA40NG (D4-099) hex 8990FA
B-88002 DA40NG (D4-125) hex 8990FB
B-88003 DA40NG (D4-177) hex 8990FC
B-89001 DA402NG (42-N002) hex 8990FD

B-22616 A321 TRANSASIA AIRWAYS: (16:53/-) from TLS via DWC and RGN as [B22616]

B-09590 B737: (-/-)
VP-BIZ B737: (-/-)

B-8128 G450: (-/-)
B-66666 G280: (-/-)
B-95995 BE4X: (-/-)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/-)
B-99888 G550: (-/-)
F-HIPK FA7X: (-/-)
N53M G550: (13:25/-)
N116FE GLAX: (21:10/-)
N588LS GLF4: (13:45/-)
N588WH GALX: (-/-)
N789SM CL64: (-/-)

Taipei, 04-Nov-2016.


Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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