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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Taoyuan International 30-Dec-2016 to 7-Jan-2017.

Taoyuan: Not that much going on here really. There was one A350 delivery though! I’ve only reported the dates on which something happened. I have to start with news of a couple of omissions from the last TPE report: ATALAS B747 N412MC arrived on 24-DEC and ANA pig JA55AN departed after maintenance on 29-DEC. 31st … Continue reading »

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Taipei Songshan: 30-Dec-2016 to 7-Jan 2017.

Well, I’d like to say I’m back but the reality is that I’m not. As well as work, there have been other things going on to keep me busy, and tomorrow I’m off to Beijing for a week. When I return from there it’s the Lunar New Year party season (I’ve got 6 to go … Continue reading »

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Ex-FAR EASTERN AIR TRANSPORT Boeing 752 B-27013 and B-27015

I’ve had a couple of questions about 2 two ex-FAT Boeing 757s that are stored on the island; B-27013 (line/msn 835/29608) and B-27015 (line/msn 876/29609). Both are stored on the RoC AIR FORCE air-base that is adjacent to Taouyan International Airport. B-27013 (the red one) is outside and B-27015 is in a hangar. B-27013 can … Continue reading »

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TransAsia Airways aircraft fates

Below is the latest I have on the ex-TRANSASIA AIRWAYS Airbus fleet. I have to confess that I’m not sure what’s happened with the ATRs. As far as I know they are all still on the island. If anyone has any updates please let me know. Smiley B-22101 A330: last service on 25-OCT-16 as [TNA303] … Continue reading »

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