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Diamonds B-88123 and N858BR

I’ve made a quick raid on this excellent Facebook group to share a couple of things from the lighter side of aviation in Taiwan. First up is one from Johnny Chung. It’s Diamond DA-40NG B-88123 (msn 40.N088). Next one is one that seems to be based around here. It’s another Diamond. This time DA-42NG N858BR … Continue reading »

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Ultramagic M-120 B-00006

Wasn’t expecting to see this in the local park this morning. Apparently there’s going to be some Star Wars balloons here in June. This one came up from Taitung to be present at a press-conference launching the event. I’m hoping to attend one of the launches so watch this space.   Smiley, Taoyuan, 1-Jun-2017.

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Taipei Taoyuan: 20-26 May

Quite a bit to talk about this week, so let’s get right into it… SCOOT Boeing 787-8 9V-OFH made a first visit on 20-May and also returned later on the same day. We had the last of the Antonov AN-124 visits on 21-May with UR-82027 arriving (this time from (KRW) not (DAC)) and departing the … Continue reading »

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China Airlines A350 B-18907

CHINA AIRLINES have taken delivery of their 6th A350. B-18907 (msn 105) arrived at Taoyuan this afternoon (25-May). Here’s a photo of her at Toulouse just before departure. And no, Keith, the wheelbarrow isn’t for my salary; it’s not big enough! Smiley, Taoyuan, 25-May-2017.

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Taipei Songshan: 7-13 May 2017

Little to report this week other than another Japanese visitor. This time it was Sovereign JA680C. On the basis that it’s easier (and quicker) to get forgiveness than permission, I’ve ‘alf-inched’ a photo from Flickr. You can see the full version by 阿樺樺 here. She arrived on 12-May. Another one worthy of mention was Gulfstream G550 … Continue reading »

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Taipei Taoyuan: 6-12 May 2017

Well, take a look at this puppy… From the sublime to the ridiculous is a phrase that springs to mind this week. Last week’s star visitor to the island was JA007F the dinky little Japanese Cirrus Design SR-22 which was over at TSA. This week (as you’ve just seen) it was a slightly more substantial … Continue reading »

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Breitling DC-3’s World Tour

The ‘Breitling’ DC-3 HB-IRJ is currently working its way round the world. It was in Taipei for a couple of days last week. With grateful thanks to Clarence Jing-Ping Fu, here are a couple of photos of it landing at Songhan. Should you be interested, you can read more about it here and here. Smiley … Continue reading »

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RoC Air Force Fokker 50 5002

Not sure if any of the RoC Air Force Fokker 50 hex codes are known. Anyway, I managed to tie one up today. 5002 is 899181. I’m pretty sure 5001 is 899180 but can’t confirm it 100%. Oh, and I have no clue about 5003: any info would be gratefully received. Smiley, Taoyuan, 30-Apr-2017. Credits: … Continue reading »

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Bits and pieces: 30-Apr-2017

CHINA AIRLINES Will withdraw B-18806 (msn 433) their last A340-300 from service at the end of May. FAR EASTERN AIR TRANSPORT MD-83 B-28025 (line/msn 2214/53602) has been temporarily wfu and is currently parked at Taipei Songshan minus its engines. She’s seen here in happier days (April 2002) departing from Songshan. TRANSASIA AIRWAYS An update on … Continue reading »

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Kaohsiung: 1, 2, and 3 April 2017.

Here’s some more photos from my short trip to Kaohsiung. I’ve also included my logs which include all of the foreign airliners I noted and also the different Taiwanese aircraft when first noted. Saturday 1st April.   B-HLA A333 Cathy Dragon B-HSG A321 Cathy Dragon B-HTH A321 Cathy Dragon B-HWM A333 Cathy Dragon B-HYJ A333 … Continue reading »

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Kaohsiung: 31-Mar-2017.

Am spending the weekend in Taiwan’s southern city of Kaohsiung away from temperamental A350s and irate Mandarin teachers. I spent a couple of hours at the airport and took a couple of photos. First up is the ex-TRANSASIA AIRWAYS ATR 72 line-up. As far as I know, all of their ATRs are still on the … Continue reading »

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Photo log: Songshan 03-Dec-2016

I was in Taipei today, and as ever, a quick visit to TSA was made. The first of these photos an uncropped original in which you can just Gulfstream G650 VP-CMM in the top left corner. This arrived on 21-NOV-2016 and I had thought  it had departed. Obviously not. Also here today was VP-BLF another … Continue reading »

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Taipei: 28-Nov-2016

Taoyuan. HONG KONG AIRLINES operate a number of flights into TPE during the day, but the freighters can only be seen (if that’s the right word) during the early hours. There’s one in every day between 2am and 6am. Today’s was B-LNY. In true Blue Peter spirit (Konnie Huq anyone?), here’s one I prepared earlier: at … Continue reading »

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Daily Air

I’ve been meaning to post these two photos for sometime now, but have kept forgetting. Just after CHINA AIRLINES’ 1st A350 arrived it spent a weekend flying between Taipei and the southern city of Kaohsiung. Some of the support team. including your faithful correspondent.  decamped there to provide, well for want of a better word, … Continue reading »

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Photo log: Taoyuan 27-Nov-2016

It’s been raining for a few days and with no obvious end to the damp weather in sight I thought I’d check out my favourite new photo spot to see what it was like in the rain. The light was really bad and the last of these photos was taken using an ISO of 1200 … Continue reading »

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