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Despite the fact that their newest Boeing 737-800 is only a couple of months old, CHINA AIRLINES already have any eye on their next narrow-body order. There’s still a long way to go, but the A320neo is being looked upon favorably. I couldn’t possibly comment if that has anything to do with the fact that the airline is currently pressing for rights to fly to France.

B747-45E B-16410 (1140/29061) ferried to San Bernardino as [EVA1012] for parting-out on 24-APR.

The airline are in the process of acquiring 4 ATR 72-600s from NORDIC AVIATION. Although 2 have been already painted in FAR EASTERN colours (OY-JZA/msn 1110) and OY-JZG/msn 1171) I’m told that it may be some time before they arrive on the island. Apparently a number of regulatory processes have yet to be completed.

TRANSASIA fleet disposal
Ex-TRANSASIA A320 B-22322 (msn 7356) has become B-8663 with AIR GUILIN (GT/CGH)and departed XSP as such on 25-APR-2017.

Below are details of some of the other disposals.

B-22312 (msn 2914) >> LZ-AWH >> VT-IHD Indigo
B-22316 (msn 5055) >> D-AAAN >> VQ-BGI Ural Airlines
B-22317 (msn 2376) >> D-AAAM >> VQ-BGJ Ural Airlines
B-22318 (msn 3577) >> 2-DLLA
B-22320 (msn 3581) >> 2-DLLB
B-22322 (msn 7356) >> D-AAAP >> B-8663 Air Guilin

B-22606 (msn 731) >> N731QQ
B-22607 (msn 746) >> N746QQ
B-22608 (msn 6009) Possibly still at TPE but I haven’t seen it for a week or so.
B-22610 (msn 6294) Stored at TPE
B-22611 (msn 6693) >> 2-ISBA
B-22612 (msn 6734) >> 2-ISBB
B-22615 (msn 7206) >> EI-FXS
B-22616 (msn 7375) >> EI-FXT

B-22101 stored at TPE
B-22102 stored at TPE
B-22103 >> OE-IEY
B-22105 >> OE-IEZ

ATR 72
B-22807 (msn 567) >> OY-YBL
B-22811 (msn 749) >> 2-TPAJ
B-22812 (msn 774) >> OY-YBK >> JU-8801 Hunnu Air


CreditsSkyliner, me.

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Taipei Taoyuan: 18-22 Apr

A brief round-up of the goings-on at TPE this week. Only two things of note. EVA AIRWAYS A333 B-16308 ferried to Hong Kong on 19-APR in full VIM AIRLINES colours but still as B-16308. And as mentioned elsewhere, JC Airlines have started service to TPE.

Interesting Visitors
XU-997 A320 JC Airlines: (20:27/21:48) from (REP) and to (PNH) as [JCC6670/JJC6671] 1st visit

VQ-BUU B744 AirBridgeCargo: [ABW355/-]

VQ-BUU B744 AirBridgeCargo: [-/AWB356]

XU-997 A320 JC Airlines: (19:00/20:57) as [JCC2010/JCC2011] 2nd visit

A6-EFD B77L Emirates: [UAE9867/UAE9866]
N450PA B744 Polar Air Cargo: [PAC215/PAC215]
VP-BIK B744 AirBridgeCargo: [AWB655/-]
9M-MUD A332 Malaysia Airlines: [MAS6070/MAS6071]

VP-BIK B744 AirBridgeCargo: [-/AWB656]
N1AL GLF6: (10:08/12:45)
N586FE MD11 Federal Express: (08:08/-) from (CRK) as [FDX5142]

B-16308 A333 Vim Airlines: (-/08:15) to (HKG) as [EVA308]

N329UP B763 UPS: (-/20:14) to (ICN) as [UPS5904]

G-OBYH B763 Thomson: (06:25/-) from (ARN) as [BLX076P]
JA737Z B738 Skymark: (-/00:22) to (HND) as [SKY737Z]
N327UP B763 UPS: (02:04/-) from (ICN) as [UPS5903]
N579UP B744 UPS: (-/11:12) and (12:04/-) air-test as [UPS9538]

JA73NJ B738 Skymark: (04:43/-) from (HND) as [SKY73NJ]
N586FE MD11 Federal Express: (-/20:50) to (ANC) as [FDX14]

Here are present are:

G-OBYH B763 Thomson
HL7428 B744 Asiana
HL7791 B772 Asiana
JA613A B763 All Nippon
JA73NJ B738 Skymark
JA808X B738 Solaseed Air
JA8970 B763 All Nippon
N249BA BLCF Boeing
N327UP B763 UPS
N357UP B763 UPS
N579UP B744 UPS


Taoyuan, 23-Apr-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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Taipei Songshan: 18-22 April.

What’s that? Sick and tired at the thought of yet another ‘kin election? Well, here’s some Songshan biz from last week to take your mind of of things.

B-8128 G450: (-/dep)
B-95995 BE4X: (arr/-)
B-96999 GL6T: (arr/-)
N899CH GL6T: (arr/-)

Qatari GLF6 A7-CGA departed (having arrived on 13-Apr).

B-54111 A319: (arr/-)
B-77777 A318: (arr/-)

A7-CGA GLF6: (-/dep)
B-96999 GL6T: (-/dep)
B-99988 GLF6: (arr/-)
N838LM G550: (arr/-)
N888HZ G550: (arr/-)
N899CH GL6T: (-/dep)

A trio of interesting visitors today: Honda Jet N420EA, Jackie Chan’s Legacy N688JC, and SR JET CRJ2 B-3011.

B-3011 CRJ2 SR Jet: (arr/-)
N688JC E35L: (arr/-)

B-95995 BE4X: (-/dep)
B-96999 GL6T: (arr/-)
N420EA HDJT: (arr/-)
N904G G550: (arr/-)
N968FA GLF6: (-/dep)
N888HZ G550: (-/dep)
VP-COR GLF6: (arr/-)

Honda Jet N420EA did a number of touch and gos during the morning.

B-09590 B73B: (-/dep)
B-3011 CRJ2 SR Jet: (-/dep)

B-KEZ GL5T: (arr/ [BWJ288]
N280GD G280: (arr/dep)
N688JC E35L: (-/dep)
N904G G550: (-/dep)

G280 N806JK did a number of touch and gos during the day (coming up from Taichung) but I don’t think it landed. Another G280, locally based N280GD, arrived from HND just before close of play. The Honda Jet departed to NGO.

B-54111 A319: (-/dep)
N280GD G280: (arr/-)
N420EA HDJT: (-/dep)
N838LM G550: (-/dep)

Taoyuan, 23-Apr-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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JC International Airlines Start Service to Taiwan.

Recent Cambodian start-up JC INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES (QD/JJC) have started services from Cambodia to Taiwan. Currently the airline is operating a couple of ex-AIR BERLIN A320s which were delivered in March 2017.

XU-998 (msn 7224) kicked things of on 17-Apr with a service to Taichung from Siam Reap and a departure to Phnom Penh. She was back on the island again on 18-Apr with a Siam Reap/Kaohsuing/Phnom Penh service.

Meanwhile sister-ship XU-997 (msn 7474) operated a Siam Reap/Taoyuan/Phnom Penh service on the evening of 18-APR.

None of the above are daily, and presumably the next services will be a reversal (arriving from Phnom Penh and departing to Siam Reap).

With thanks to FR24 and Skyliner.


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EVA Air A330 B-16308

EVA AIRLINES A330-203 (msn 655) has been painted in to VIM AIRLINES colours. It did a test flight at TPE in the new scheme on 28-MAR. As I’ve been in KHH for the last few days, I don’t know if it’s still here.

Last service for EVA was from DPS to TPE on 8-JAN-2017 as [EVA256].

Haven’t had time to ask permission to use the following, so here’s a link to it.


Taoyuan, 4-Apr-2017.

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Daily Air DHC-6 B-55575

Taking advantage of my sudden burst of enthusiasm for blogging, here’s a snippet that FR24 doesn’t seem to have picked up; I guess I’ll should tell them but I can’t find an obvious way of doing so on their website.

DAILY AIR DHC-6 B-55575 is using a hex of 8990C5 which used to belong to EVA AIRWAYS A330 B-16303.

I’m not sure what hexes the others in the fleet are using, but if I do find out, I’ll post the details.



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Kaohsiung: 1, 2, and 3 April 2017.

Here’s some more photos from my short trip to Kaohsiung. I’ve also included my logs which include all of the foreign airliners I noted and also the different Taiwanese aircraft when first noted.

Saturday 1st April.

TransAsia ATR 72-600 B-22817

TransAsia ATR 72-600 B-22817


Mandarin Airlines E190-100 B-16821

Mandarin Airlines E190-100 B-16821

B-HLA A333 Cathy Dragon
B-HSG A321 Cathy Dragon
B-HTH A321 Cathy Dragon
B-HWM A333 Cathy Dragon
B-HYJ A333 Cathy Dragon
B-MAK A319 Air Macau
B-6368 A321 China Eastern
B-16213 A321/S EVA
B-17012 AT76 UNI Air
B-18317 A333 China Airlines
B-18355 A333 China Airlines
B-18653 B738/W China Airlines
B-18666 B738/W China Airlines
B-28035 MD82 Far Eastern
HL7745 A320 Air Busan
JA04VA A320/S Vanilla Air
JA618J B763/W Japan Airlines
JA803P A320 Peach
VN-A323 A321 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A365 A321 Vietnam Airlines
9M-AJG A320/S AirAsia
9V-OJE B789 Scoot

B-23062 C208 Avanti Aviation
N858CG GLF6 (dep 1030)

Sunday 2nd April.

Cathay Dragon A321-231 B-HTF

Cathay Dragon A321-231 B-HTF

B-HTF A321 Cathay Dragon
B-LBF A333 Cathay Dragon
B-MAK A319 Air Macau
B-1865 A320/S China Eastern
B-5190 B738/W China Southern
B-5689 B738/W China Eastern
B-6332 A321 China Eastern
B-6901 A320 Juneyao Airlines
B-6902 A320 Spring Airlines
B-18623 E190 Mandarin Airlines
B-28037 MD82 Far Eastern
B-50006 A320/S Tigerair Taiwan
B-50008 A320/S Tigerair Taiwan
HL7744 A320 Air Busan
JA607J B763/W Japan Airlines
JA808P A320 Peach
VN-A351 A321 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A392 A321 Vietnam Airlines

Monday 3rd April.

Far Eastern Air Transport MD-82 B-28037

Far Eastern Air Transport MD-82 B-28037


Cathay Dragon A330343E B-LBF

Cathay Dragon A330343E B-LBF

B-HSK A321 Cathay Dragon
B-LBF A333 Cathay Dragon
B-17003 AT76 UNI Air
B-18658 B738/W China Airlines
JA617J B763/W Japan Airlines
JA814P A320 Peach
VN-A361 A321 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A396 A321 Vietnam Airlines

NA-103 AS65 National Airborne Services

Taoyuan, 4-April, 2017

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Kaohsiung: 31-Mar-2017.

Am spending the weekend in Taiwan’s southern city of Kaohsiung away from temperamental A350s and irate Mandarin teachers.

I spent a couple of hours at the airport and took a couple of photos. First up is the ex-TRANSASIA AIRWAYS ATR 72 line-up. As far as I know, all of their ATRs are still on the island. The 3 below are (from the left) B-22818, B-22817, and B-22822.

TransAsia ATR 72s

TransAsia ATR 72s

Although there were a number of interesting visitors, the only one that obliged for a photo was this one.

China Eastern B737-89P B-1513

China Eastern B737-89P B-1513

And here’s the log from just after 2pm until 5pm.

B-HYB A333 Cathy Dragon
B-1513 B738/W China Eastern
B-6971 A320 Spring Airlines
B-16201 A321 EVA Air
B-16215 A321/S EVA Air
B-16821 E190 Mandarin Airlines
B-17015 AT76 UNI Air
B-17016 AT76 EVA Air
B-18653 B738/W China Airlines
B-28007 MD83 Far Eastern
B-55575 DHC6 Daily Air
JA802P A320 Peach
VN-A321 A321 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A675 A320/S VietjetAir

B-22817 AT76 (TransAsia)
B-22818 AT76 (TransAsia)
B-22822 AT76 (TransAsia)


Kaohsiung, 31-Mar-2017.

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China Airlines B737-800s B-18601 and B-18605

Ex-CHINA AIRLINES B737-809 B-18601 (line/msn: 113/28402) which has been stored at TPE for some time has been assigned a registration of N598BC and was seen today at TPE carrying that reg.

China Airlines B737-809 N598BC

China Airlines B737-809 N598BC

Meanwhile one of her sisters. B-18605 (line/msn: 130/28404), has also been wfu and is also painted all white. Last service was [CAL25] from Guam on 31-JAN-2017.

Oh, on a personal note. The scrape of N598BC means I’ve made 25 in the last 7 days here. Damn, I love this hobby!


Taouyuan, 7-Feb-2017


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Taipei TPE round up

There have been a couple of interesting movements in the last week. R AIRLINES A321 HS-RCC was in and out late on the 1st FEB. It came in from Surat Thani and departed to Bangkok (DMK). Also on the 1st was a different JAPAN AIRLINES Dreamliner (as is JAL’s practice on most of their routes, we usually get the same ones every day). It was JA841J and it operated an extra NRT-TPE-NRT service.

KLM B77W PH-BVD arrived on the scheduled KL808 from Manila on the 2nd but has remained here since; possibly sick?

On the 3rd, FIJI AIRWAYS A332 DQ-FJU turned up from Nadi and departed back there. Not sure if this is a new service.

Interesting Movements:
HS-RCC A321 R Airlines: [RCT8715/RCT8716]
JA841J B788 Japan Airlines: [JAL8663/JA:8664]

DQ-FJU A332 Fiji Airways: [FJI2333/FJI2334]

Some updates on the TPE’s maintenance movements including some long overdue catching up.

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (dep 18-JAN)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (dep 12-JAN)
HL7616 B763 Asiana Airlines: (arr 29-JAN)
HL7775 B772 Asiana Airlines: (arr 28-JAN)
JA04KZ B744 NCA: (dep 18-JAN)
JA17AN B738 All Nippon: (arr 1-FEB)
JA73NC B738 Skymark Airlines: (arr 7-JAN and dep 21-JAN)
JA737R B738 Skymark Airlines: (arr 21-JAN and dep 27-JAN)
JA737T B738 Skymark Airlines: (arr 19-JAN)
JA807X B738 Solaseed: (arr 11-JAN and dep 22-JAN)
N316UP B763 UPS: (arr 28-JAN)
N342UP B763 UPS: (arr 3-FEB)
N412MC B744 Atlas Air: (arr 24-DEC)
N476MC B744 Etihad Airways: (arr 10-JAN)
N581UP B744 UPS: (arr 27-JAN)
OE-LAE B763 Austrian Airlines: (dep 10-JAN)
OE-LAW B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 13-JAN)

B-22101 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22102 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22608 A321 (TransAsia) (V Air scheme):
B-22610 A321 (TransAsia) (hybrid scheme):
B-18601 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: now parked in the north-west corner of the airport.

Taoyuan, 5-Feb-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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Small TransAsia Airways update.

A very brief update on some the ex-TNA ATRs. I spent Lunar New Year in Kaohsiung and can report that there are 3 ATRs parked up there.

They’re B-22817, B-22818, and B-22822.


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Taoyuan International 30-Dec-2016 to 7-Jan-2017.

Not that much going on here really. There was one A350 delivery though! I’ve only reported the dates on which something happened.

I have to start with news of a couple of omissions from the last TPE report: ATALAS B747 N412MC arrived on 24-DEC and ANA pig JA55AN departed after maintenance on 29-DEC.

31st Dec
CHINA AIRLINES’ 4th A350-900 arrived this afternoon. It is of course B-18905 (msn 073) and has a hex of 899022 (which doesn’t seem to have been used before). And for those who are interested, I can assure you that she is just a capricious as her sisters. Never mind, just think of the overtime!

4th Jan 2017
GENERAL ELECTRIC’s pretty B747-400 N747GF air-tested this afternoon; departing at 13:55 and landing back at 15:20.

6th Jan
And having air-tested on the 4th, N747GF departed to VCV this afternoon at 13:46.

6th Jan
SKYMARK B738 JA73NC landed at 05:01 this morning. Two of the stored ex-TNA A320s left (details below).

And below is a round-up of all that…

D-AHFT B738 TUIFly: (arr 01-NOV)
D-AHFV B738 TUIFly: (arr 14-OCT)
JA04KZ B744 NCA: (arr 24-DEC)
N412MC B744 Atlas Air: (arr 24-DEC)
N747GF B744 Genral Electric: (arr 12-NOV) departed on 6-JAN.
OE-LAE B763 Austrian Airlines: (arr 12-DEC)

B-22101 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22102 A333 (TransAsia):
B-22103 A333 (TransAsia): has now become OE-IEY
B-22310 A320 (TransAsia): departed on 7-JAN as N791QQ
B-22311 A320 (TransAsia): departed on 7-JAN as N822QQ
B-22608 A321 (TransAsia) (V Air scheme):
B-22610 A321 (TransAsia) (hybrid scheme):
B-18601 B738 China Airlines: parked outside their hangars. All white
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: outside of the EGAT hangars

Taoyuan, 14-Jan-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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Taipei Songshan: 30-Dec-2016 to 7-Jan 2017.

Well, I’d like to say I’m back but the reality is that I’m not. As well as work, there have been other things going on to keep me busy, and tomorrow I’m off to Beijing for a week. When I return from there it’s the Lunar New Year party season (I’ve got 6 to go to so far; I’d forgotten how tough this job can be!). After that it’s the Lunar New Year break, and after that I’m enrolled in Mandarin evening school classes 3 times a week. So, the blog is probably going to take a backseat. Still, I’ll report what I can.

Quite a lot of biz recorded below but the one that stands out is Falcon 900DX A6-RTS on the 6th.

I’ve recorded this elsewhere but for the sake of completeness , ex-TNA A321 N746QQ departed for the States on 7-JAN.

Anyway, here’s the biz.

30th Dec
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (15:40/-)
B-54111 A319: (-/08:10)
B-95995 BE4X: (19:05/-)
9H-VJO GL6T: (-/11:25)

31st Dec
B-55411 A318: 18:115/-
B-99888 GLF5 (G550): (18:30/-)
N319PP GLF5 (G550): (14:50/16:20)
N629GD GLF6: (15:25/16:15)
N899CH GLEX (6000): (07:25/-)
N77709 G150: (12:15/-)

1st Jan 2017
B-KEZ GL5T: (17:45/-)
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (-/07:50)

2nd Jan
B-KEZ GL5T: (13:30)
B-54111 A319: (20:30/-)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (11:30/-)
N116FE GALX: (18:45/-)

3rd Jan
B-55411 A318: (-/17:05)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (-/14:05)
B-98888 GL5T: (-/22:35)
B-99988 GLF6: (-/20:15)
9H-VFJ CL60 (605): (21:30/-)

4th Jan
B-95995 BE4X: (-/12:05)
B-96999 GLEX (6000): (20:20/21:05)
N598KZ GLF5: (15:30/-)

5th Jan
B-HVP GLF5 (G550): (18:45/-)
B-54111 A319: (-/16:40)
N598KZ GLF5: (-/09:50)

6th Jan
A6-RTS F9DX: (13:40/-)
B-8128 GLF4 (G450): (21:30/-)
B-8105 GLEX (6000): (18:50/-)
B-8157 GLF5 (G550): (12:00/-)
B-99999 E35L: (11:45/-)
N83CW GLF5: (18:00/-)

7th Jan
A6-RTS F9DX: (-/11:30)
B-HVP GLF5: (18:50)
N83CW GLF5: (-/13:50)
N629GD GLF6: (13:35/-)
N899CH GLEX (6000): (-/08:25)

Taoyuan, 14-Jan-2016.

Credits: FR24, Skyliner, me.

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Ex-FAR EASTERN AIR TRANSPORT Boeing 752 B-27013 and B-27015

I’ve had a couple of questions about 2 two ex-FAT Boeing 757s that are stored on the island; B-27013 (line/msn 835/29608) and B-27015 (line/msn 876/29609).

Both are stored on the RoC AIR FORCE air-base that is adjacent to Taouyan International Airport. B-27013 (the red one) is outside and B-27015 is in a hangar. B-27013 can be seen by looking over a wall on the perimeter and it can also be seen if you are travelling on the Taiwan High Speed Railway as the train passes by the base.

I’m reliably informed that neither will fly again as the cost of making them airworthy is more that the aircraft are worth. Presumably that means they will be scrapped here at some point.


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TransAsia Airways aircraft fates

Below is the latest I have on the ex-TRANSASIA AIRWAYS Airbus fleet. I have to confess that I’m not sure what’s happened with the ATRs. As far as I know they are all still on the island. If anyone has any updates please let me know.


B-22101 A330: last service on 25-OCT-16 as [TNA303] stored at TPE
B-22102 A330: last service on 28-OCT-16 as [TNA303] stored at TPE
B-22103 A330: last service on 27-OCT-16 as [TNA303] became OE-IEY  stored at TPE (noted on 13-JAN-17)
B-22105 A330: last service on 29-OCT-16 as [TNA675] became OE-IEZ and departed TPE on 27-DEC-16

B-22310 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA607] became N791Q and departed TPE on 5-JAN-17
B-22311 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA605] became N822QQ and departed TPE on 5-JAN-17
B-22312 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA2342] became LZ-AWH and departed TSA on 23-DEC-16
B-22316 A320: last service on 30-SEP-16 as [ZV213] (never flew for TNA after return from V Air) became D-AAAN and departed TSA on 20-DEC-16
B-22317 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA382] became D-AAAM and departed KHH on 22-DEC-16
B-22318 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA609] became 2-DLLA and departed TPE on 22-DEC-2016
B-22320 A320: last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA345] became 2-DLLB and departed TPE on 22-DEC-2016
B-22322 A320: never entered service and became D-AAAP and departed TSA on 21-DEC-16

B-22607 A321: Last service on 22-OCT-16 as [TNA3761] became N746QQ and departed TSA on 7-JAN-17
B-22608 A321: Stored at TPE, last service on 31-SEP-16 as [ZV213] (never flew for TNA after return from V Air)
B-22610 A321: Stored at TPE,  last service on 20-NOV-16 as [TNA317]
B-22611 A321: Last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA603] became 2-ISBB and departed TPE on 23-DEC-16
B-22612 A321: Last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA303] became 2-ISBA and departed TPE on 23-DEC-16
B-22615 A321: Last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA3135] became EI-FXS and departed TSA on 21-DEC-16
B-22616 A321: Last service on 21-NOV-16 as [TNA3181] became EI-FXT and departed TSA on 21-DEC-16


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