Taipei Sung Shan round up – October 2018.

As promised earlier, here’s a round up from Sung Shan. Mostly biz related as you’ll see.

There was something of a Farnborough feeling from the 11th to the 13th. Two of the attendees from that show, F-GCDP Falcon 8X and PR-ZGQ Embraer 190E2 were here. Both did demo flights on the 12th. Among the rest, the Australian Lear 60 VH-AND stands out. Austrian Challenger 650 OE-IGA is worth a mention too. Neither stayed long and I didn’t see either!

EVA’s new A319 B-00777 arrived during the month. It left for Macau after a couple of days before returning again.

ATR 72-600 B-16852 (1387) which was damage at Taichung (RMQ) in August finally returned to service on 30-Oct.

Took delivery of their 3rd ATR 72-600 during the month. B-28088 (1471) arrived here on 29-Oct.

Interesting visitors.
Not a complete list as this is from my SBS.
A7-CGB Gulfstream G650 (arr)
B-3029 Gulfstream G550 (dep)
N999FH Gulfstream G550 (arr)
A7-CGB Gulfstream G650 (dep)
B-8273 Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep)
LX-MLO Global 5000 (arr)
N888XS Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep)
N999FH Gulfstream G550 (dep)
RP-C5880 Westwind II (arr)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr)
HS-EMG BAe 125-800 (arr/dep)
LX-MLO Global 5000 (arr)
N653MK Gulfstream G550 (arr)
RP-C5880 Westwind II (dep)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (dep)
B-8273 Gulfstream G550 (arr/dep?)
N319PP Gulfstream G550 (arr)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G450 (arr)
F-GCDP Falcon 8X (arr)
VP-BLF Gulfstream G650 (arr)
PR-ZGQ Embraer 190-E2 (arr)
F-GCDP FA8X (demo flights)
PR-ZGQ Embraer 190-E2 (demo flight and then dep)
B-3561 Challenger 606 (aar/dep)
F-GCDP Falcon 8X 9dep)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
M-SURE Falcon 7X 9arr/dep)
N115MH Global 6000 (arr)
N319PP Gulfstream G550 (arr)
T7-MBH Embraer 650 (arr/dep)
HS-VNT Galaxy G200 (arr/dep)
N18WR Gulfstream G650 (arr)
N188WR Gulfstream G650 (dep)
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (arr)
VH-AND Learjet 60 (arr/dep) as [MEDIC75]
VP-CYH Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (dep)
N881CW Cessna 525C (arr)
N2QE Global 5000 (arr)
N115MH Global 6000 (dep)
N881CW Cessna 525C (dep)
N66866 Global 6000 (arr)
B-00777 A319-133CJ (arr)
N2QE Global 6000 (dep)
N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
N881CW Cessna 525C (arr/dep)
VP-CYH Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
B-00777 A319-133CJ (dep)
N2QE Global 5000 (dep)
N688CP PAY1 (arr/dep)
LX-MLO Global 5000 (dep)
N66866 Global 6000 (dep)
N99KZ Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
B-00777 A319 (arr)
N83CW Gulfstream G550 (arr)
N922JW Falcon 900 (arr/dep)
N996MS Falcon 7X (dep) – arrived ?
N83CW Gulfstream G550 (dep)
N9854Z Pilatus PC-XII/47E (arr)
B-8316 Gulfstream G450 (dep) arrived 10?
9M-TAN Global 5000 (arr)
N598KZ Gulfstream V (arr)
N605PS Challenger 605 (arr
N858CG Gulfstream G650 (arr/dep)
9M-TAN Global 5000 (dep)
N598KZ Gulfstream V (dep)
N707FH Honda Jet (arr)
OE-IGA Challenger 650 (arr/dep)

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Taoyuan round up – October 2018

I’m hoping to put out a report for Sung Shan tomorrow, but I’m off to Honkers later to kill off a few more brain cells, so no promises.

Lots to report this month, so let’s get on with it…

Started a new twice a week (Tues and Sun) Siam Reap (REP) – TPE service on 9-OCT. First service was operated by A319-112 XU-787 (msn 3872).

Took delivery of B-18918 their 14th, and last, Airbus A350 during the month. Full details below.

Appear to have stopped their weekly B777-F Saturday morning service.

Took delivery of their first Boeing 787 on 3-Oct and their second on 30-Oct. Full details below.

Have acquired A319-133CJ B-00777 (msn 5261). The aircraft is ex-9H-AGF formerly of COMLUX MALTA. It arrived in Taiwan (at TSA) on 23-Oct.

Have restarted A380 operations here.

Introduced A330-200s on the morning service from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) on 28-Oct replacing a B737-800.

Have restarted their A330-200F service.

Had announced plans to increase their BKK-TPE-BKK service to twice a day in October, but this hasn’t happened yet.

Started Kitakyshu (KKJ) and Nagoya (NGO) services on 28-Oct. There was a ‘trial run’ on 12-Oct.

Have abandoned plans to switch its daily SFO service to B777-200ERs from 28th October.

Interesting visitors.
HL8084 B787-9 Korean Air (also 8)
VN-A674 A321-271N VietjetAir (also 16,
HS-CBE A320-251N Thai AirAsia
VN-A654 A320-271N VietjetAir (also 11, 20, 23,
B-LXD A350-1041 Cathay Pacific (1st visit)
B-LGE A350-941 Hong Kong Airlines (1st visit)
HL8317 B737-800 Jeju Air (1st visit)
HS-CBG A320-251N Thai AirAsia (1st visit – also 9, 10, 14, )
XU-787 A319-112 Cambodia Airways (1st visit also 12, 16. 19, 23, 26, 30)
N811FS Beech 300 (FL-811) arrived and departed early on 11-Oct.
JA25MC A320-214 Starflyer (1st visit – also 28, 29, 30)
B-1129 B737-8LW Hebei Airlines (1st visit)
HS-CBH A230-251N Thai AirAsia (1st visit – also 19, 21, 29)
9M-AGV A320-251N AirAsia (1st visit)
T7-MBH Legacy 650 (dep 19-Oct)
N851GT B747-87UF Atlas Air
HS-TQB B787-8 Thai Airways
HL8082 B787-9 Korean Air
9V-SFM B747-412F Singapore Airlines
N492MC B747-47UF Atlas Air
HS-BBN A320-216 Thai AirAsia (1st visit)
TC-LJN B777-F Turkish Airlines (1st visit)
HS-BBI A320-216 Thai AirAsia (1st visit)
N858GT B747-87UF Atlas Air
B-1372 B737-84P Hainan Airlines (1st visit)
B-1373 B737-84P Hainan Airlines (1st visit)
HL7627 A380-861 Korean Air
9M-MTU A330-223 Malaysia Airlines (1st visit – also 30)
9M-XBD A330-343 AirAsia X (1st visit)
HL7611 A380-861 Korean Air
9M-MTW A330-223 Malaysia Airlines (1st visit)
B-7668 B737- Shandong Airlines (1st visit)
HL7621 A380-861 Korean Air
HS-BBY A320-251N Thai AirAsia (1st visit)
9M-MTL A330-323E Malaysia Airlines

On maintenance @ EGAT
HL7418 B744 Asiana: (arr 27-Aug/dep 4-Oct)
HL7515 B763 Asiana: (arr 30-Sep/dep24-Oct)
JA17KZ B747-8KZF Nippon Cargo: (arr 29-Oct/-)
JA73NA B737-8HX Skymark: (arr 29-Sep/dep 12-Oct)
JA73NK B737-86N Skymark: (arr 16-Oct/-)
JA73NT B737-86N Skymark: (arr 31-Oct/-)
JA737Y B737-8FZ Skymark: (arr 12-Oct/dep 21-Oct)
JA623A B767-381ER All Nippon: (arr 26-Sep/dep 11-Oct) (an addition to last month’s report)
JA822A B787-8 All Nippon: (arr 7-Oct/-)
JA823A B787-8 All Nippon: (arr 31-Aug/dep 15-Oct)
JA875A B787-9 All Nippon: (arr 20-Oct/-)
N249BA B747-409LCF Atlas Air: (arr 8-Oct/-)
N304UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 16-Sep/dep 2-Oct)
N332UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 2-Oct/dep 18-Oct)
N354UP B767-34AFER UPS: (arr 18-Oct/-)
N538LA B763 LAN Cargo: (arr 7-Aug/-)
N578UP B747-45EM UPS: (arr 30-Oct/-)
N583UP B744 UPS: (arr 24-Jul/dep 17-Oct)
N665AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 25-Sep/-)
N668AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 3-Aug/-)
N858GT B747-87UF Atlas Air (arr 30-Oct/-)
OE-LAT B767-31AER Austrian Airlines (arr 29-Oct/-)
OE-LAZ B767-3Z9ER Austrian Airlines (arr 29-Oct/-)

B-17881 B787-9 (722/39295) EVA Airways: delivered from Charleston CHS arriving on 4-Oct as [EVA787].
B-17882 B787-9 (757/39298) EVA Airways: delivered from Charleston CHS arriving on 31-Oct as [EVA787].
B-18918 A350-941 (239) China Airlines: delivered from Toulouse (TLS) arriving on 23-Oct as {CAL1710].

N2333U B777-322ER United Airlines: went tech while en-route SFO-TPE on 8-Oct and had an air-turn back to SFO. Pax were put on N2135U which arrived a day late on the 9-Oct as [UAL871D] a couple of hours before N2332U arrived on that day’s scheduled [UAL871].

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Taoyuan round-up: September 2018

A gentle reintroduction to the blog with a round-up of interesting visitors and maintenance movements at Taoyuan (TPE) for September 2018.

Interesting visitors.
The THAI LION AIR A330 on the 17th, was probably the first visit of one of their A330s.The SOLASEED Boeing 737 operated flights from and to Kumamoto (KMJ) on 21st and 24th. The S7 AIRLINES A320 on the 27th routed from DMK/ITK/VVO and departed back to Moscow the same way. The THAI AIRASIA A320neo on the 30th was in and out from Chiang Mai (CNX). I think it’s the start of a 4 x a week service (Sun, Tues, Wed, and Fri).

B-LXB A350-1041 Cathay Pacific
B-3008 CRJ-200ER Jiangsu Jet
N521NW Learjet 60
JA844J B787-8 Japan Airlines
HS-LAI A330-343 Thai Lion Air
B-HNS B777-31H Cathay Pacific (first visit)
JA812X B737-86N Solaseed Air
VN-A654 A320-271N VietjetAir
B-3563 Challenger 850 Astro Air
RP-C8941 A320-216 Philippines AirAsia
JA812X B737-86N Solaseed Air
VN-A646 A321-271N VietjetAir
VP-BOL A320-214 S7 Airlines
HS-CBE A320-251N Thai AirAsia

On maintenance @ EGAT
HL7418 B744 Asiana: (arr 27-Aug/-)
HL7515 B763 Asiana: (arr 30-Sep/-)
JA73NA B738 Skymark: (arr 29-Sep/-)
JA73NR B738 Skymark: (arr 18-Aug/dep 1-Sep)
JA73NJ B738 Skymark: (arr 4-Sep/dep 24-Sep)
JA737Z B738 Skymark: (arr 14-Sep/dep 27-Sep)
JA818A B788 All Nippon: (arr 1-Aug/dep 8-Sep)
JA823A B788 All Nippon: (arr 31-Aug/-)
N304UP B763 UPS: (arr 16-Sep/-)
N331UP B763 UPS: (arr 31-Aug/dep 16-Sep)
N364UP B763 UPS: (arr 15-Apr/dep 25-Sep) ex-JAL, freighter conversion
N538LA B763 LAN Cargo: (arr 7-Aug/-)
N583UP B744 UPS: (arr 24-Jul/-)
N665AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 25-Sep/-)
N668AC B763 (Shanghai Airlines) (arr 3-Aug/-)
N780BA BLCF Atlas Air: (arr 6-Aug/dep 26-Sep)

N487MC Atlas Air: departed 08-Sep (ex-B-16483)

B-16852 ATR 72-212A(600) (1357) Mandarin Airlines: badly damaged after overrunning runway at Taichung (RMQ) following arrival from Penghu (MZG) as [MDA788] on 22-AUG. Still there as of 30-Sep.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Bits and Pieces

A couple of quick updates…


Air France A320-211 F-GFKP

Air France A320-211 F-GFKP

AFR resumed flights to Taiwan when they started a new 3 times a week service from CDG-TPE service on 17-Apr. For now, at least, the service is being operated by Boeing 777-200ERs. F-GSPU operated the first service, arriving at TPE on the morning of 17-APR.

AFR552 arrives at 0815 on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.
AFR557 departs at 1020 on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.


Far Eastern MD-82 B-28033

Far Eastern MD-82 B-28033

FAT have ordered 11 Boeing 737-MAX8s. First 2 aircraft will arrive in 2019. This isn’t the first time FAT have tried to introduce the Boeing 737 into their fleet. They ordered 2 -800s a couple of years ago and even had registrations reserved but problems with financing eventually scuppered the deal.

Taoyuan, 24-Apr-2018.

Credits: me.

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Gulfstream B-95119

We have ourselves a new Gulfstream on the island. Actually we may have two, but I guess not. The one I saw was using a call-sign of B-95119 and it was busy doing touch and gos at Sungshan today. I saw it this afternoon from some distance so I can’t confirm if it’s G650 N99KZ (msn 6283) which Mr Gulfstream confirms has been recently delivered to the island. What I can confirm from FR24 is that it pings 89915C.

Taoyuan, 19-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24, Bob Holland, me.

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UPS Boeing 767-346ER N364UP

A quick update to record a recent maintenance arrival at TPE. It’s UPS Boeing 767 N364UP which arrived on Sunday morning (15-Apr). It’s an ex-JAPAN AIRLINES machine (JA609J) and is here for freighter conversion.

N364UP B767-346ER UPS

Photo is courtesy of Ethan Tang and Jet Photos.

Taoyuan, 17-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, Ethan Tang, Jet Photos, me.

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N805AV A321-231 departs Taoyuan

The final ex-TRANSASIA AIRWAYS A321 left Taoyuan this morning (12-APR). It was N805AV (msn 6009) and is ex-B-22608. FR24 shows that it went Guam. I ‘m told it’s for AVIANCA, but I suspect it will be having some TLC somewhere first. Sister-ship N810AV (msn 6294) went to Tucson last month and the two A330s (N803AV and N804AV) ended up in Abu Dhabi.

B-22608 A321-231 V-Air

B-22608 A321-231 V-Air

Taoyuan, 12-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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OK-TSD Travel Service Boeing 737-8Q8

Here’s a strange one. Not only because it’s a long way from home, but also the route it took to get to TPE.

It’s TRAVEL SERVICE Boeing 737-8Q8 OK-TSD and arrived  on 8-APR. As you can see it’s been on quite a trek. It’s still here as I type on the evening of 9-APR. Photo is courtesy of 徐鴻鑫

OK-TSD B737-8Q8 Travel Service

OK-TSD B737-8Q8 Travel Service

OK-TSD route

I did wonder if it was something to do with Katy Perry’s tour but the dates and locations don’t really match.

Taoyuan, 9-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Taipei Taoyuan maintenance movements – March 2008

I know there have been some spotters from the UK here in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d get my finger out and post the following about various maintenance movements on the off chance that they might visit the blog.

Courtesy of 徐鴻鑫 here’s a photo of the main talking point this month. It’s N1427A a Boeing 767-300 which was converted to freighter here and delivered to PRIME AIR. This one has now left, but there’s a second one here: N1489A.

N1427A B767-306ER(BCF)

N1427A B767-306ER(BCF)

EGAT (bold type designates that the aircraft was still here on March 31).
HL7413 B744 Asiana (arr 15-Mar)
HL7528 B763 Asiana (arr 17-Mar)
HL7620 B744 Asiana (arr 4-Feb/dep 16-Mar)
JA737R B738 Skymark (arr 19-Feb/dep 4-Mar)
JA737X B738 Skymark (arr 10-Mar/dep 23-Mar)
JA737Y B738 Skymark (arr 24-Mar)
JA603A B763 All Nippon (arr 22-Mar)
JA604F B763 All Nippon (arr 17-Feb/dep 23-Mar)
JA620A B763 All Nippon (arr 7-Mar/dep 27-Mar)
JA622A B763 All Nippon (arr 25-Mar)
JA627A B763 All Nippon (arr 6-Feb/dep 8-Mar)
JA812A B788 All Nippon (arr 17-Mar)
N289UP MD11 UPS (arr 17-Mar/dep 19-Mar)
N303UP B763 UPS (arr 17-Mar)
N317UP B763 UPS (arr 9-Mar/dep 24-Mar)
N340UP B763 UPS (arr 24-Mar)
N408MC B744 Atlas Air (arr 3-Feb/dep 16-Mar)
N477MC B744 Atlas Air (arr 19-Feb/dep30-Mar)
N578UP B744 UPS (arr 9-Feb/dep 6-Mar)
N581UP B744 UPS (arr 28-Feb)
N638GT >> N1427A B763 Atlas Air/Prime Air: outside on 11-Mar (primer) and 23-Mar (c/s?). Air-test on 27-Mar (full Prime Air c/s). Dep to ANC on 28-Mar.
N1489A B763 Atlas Air (arr 27-Jan)
2-AERB B772 Ukraine International (dep 2-Mar)

China Airlines
3701 B738 RoC Air Force (arr 26-Feb)

B-16481 B744 EVA Air >> N485MC Atlas Air: air tests on 8-Mar and 10-Mar. Departed 31-Mar to HKG.
HS-STB B744 Orient Thai: stored in north-western corner of airport.
N805AV A321 Avianca (ex-B-22608): air-test 12-Mar.
N810AV A321 Avianca (ex-B-22610): air test 11-Mar. Has subsequently departed.

B-18916 A350-941 (191) China Airlines: arr TPE 8-Mar, 1st service 12-Mar to HKG as [CAL903/904]

Taoyuan, 3-Apr-2018.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Taipei Songshan: 25-Jun to 01-Jul-2017

A few things to note this week. Sovereign N578AB (25th), Challenger D-AFAD (26th), King N350KF (30th and 1st), LAS VEGAS BBJ N887LS (1st), and G150 VH-PFV (1st).

Little else to tear me away from watching the tennis  though.

Beech 350 N350KF

Beech 350 N350KF – Chung Cheng Hsueh

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Bits and Pieces: 5-Jul-2017

ATR 72-212A(600) B-28068 (which to correct an earlier error is msn 1171) is currently AOG (presumably in Paphos) due to some avionics software issues. These have been fixed but there is still some paperwork to be completed. Current ETA in Taipei is Saturday or Sunday.

I’d previously reported that the 2 remaining A321s and A330s had been sold. That deal fell through, and another deal to send the A330s to South America was struck but that is also floundering. Yet another deal is now being negotiated with someone else. An announcement is expected later this month. Yeah right. By the way, I’m keeping this deliberately vague as none of this supposed to be public knowledge.

Last Boeing 747-400 service from SFO will be on 31-Jul (arriving here on the evening of 1-Aug). From 1-Aug, the SFO-TPE-SFO service will be operated by Boeing 777-300ERs. Oh dear, some more 777s for the log!

Taoyuan, 5-Jul-2017

Credits: Me, Keith, Roger.

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Taipei Taoyuan: 24-30 Jun 2017

Unusually for TPE, pride of place goes to a biz this week. Sovereign N95TE was in an out on 28-JUN. And if that’s making you think ‘that’s not special’ it’s because there was little else about.

ROYAL FLIGHT Boeing 767-300ER VP-BLC was in and out on 24-Jun but has been here before. There were a couple of fist visits  CATHAY PACIFIC Airbus A350 B-LRP (24th) and EMIRATES Airbus A380 A6-EUP (27th). Probably not first visits but there were a couple of CHINA EASTERN Boeing 777-300ERS in as well; B-7343 (28th)  and B-7349 (29th).

As mentioned elsewhere, there were 2 EVA AIRWAYS deliveries; Boeing 777-300ER B-16738 (28th) and Airbus A330 B-16339 (29th). There was also a CHINA AIRLINES departure; Boeing 737-800 B-18609/N101TU (28th).

One thing I didn’t expect when I came to Taiwan was to clear the SKYMARK fleet. I haven’t done that yet but Boeing 737-800 JA73NL which arrived on 24-JUN was the 16th different one to arrive at EGAT for maintenance since I’ve been here (which is just over a year now) so I’m well on my way.

I’ve raided my own archives for a photo this week. As we’ve been talking about SKYMARK and ROYAL FLIGHT, here’s a SKYMARK Boeing 767-300ER JA767A which is now with ROYAL FLIGHT as VP-BLC which as you’ve read was here on 24-JUN. This was taken at Haneda in January 2003.

Skymark B767-3Q8ER JA767A

Skymark B767-3Q8ER JA767A

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Bits and Pieces: 1-Jul-2017 part 2.

While doing my weekly round-up of TPE movements, I found out about this one.

Boeing 737-800 B-18605 (line/msn 130/28404) has become N101TU and ferried (GUM/HNL/VCV) on 28/29-Jun.

Taoyuan, 1-Jul-2017.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Bits and Pieces: 1-Jul-2017

Is it really the 1st July? Where does the time go…

Some of the following is a little old but I’ve included it for the sake of completeness. There’s also some new stuff though, so pay attention…

A new service to London Gatwick using Airbus A350-900s will commence on 1-Dec-2107. Initially the service will be 4 times a week.

Airbus A340-300 B-18806 (msn 433) was ferried to Victorville on 14-Jun-17. This was the last A340 in service with the airline.
Boeing 737-800 B-18609 (line/msn 161/28407) was wfu on 1-Jun-17. Last service was [CAL178/CAL179] to Takamatsu on 31-May-17. The aircraft is currently parked at TPE.

A330-302 B-16639 (msn 1794) has been delivered, arriving in TPE on 29-Jun-17. It’s using a hex of 899085 which was previously assigned to MD-11 B-16109.
B777-35EER B-16738 (line/msn 1503/42105) has been delivered, arriving in TPE on 28-Jun-17. Its hex is 899081 which as far as I know is the first use.

ATR 72-212A(600) B-28068 (msn 1171) has been delivered. According to Skyliner, it’s currently at Paphos on its way to Taiwan. It’s ex-OY-JZA and was previously with SAS and Jettime. And, no, I don’t know the hex yet. Interestingly, B-28068 appears to have been previously reserved by FAT for Boeing 737-86J (line/msn 4264/37772) which is now VT-SZM. This was one of two (Boeing 737-8SH (line/msn 5931/41345) which was reserved as B-28066 and is now VT-SZN was the other) that FAT tried to lease some time ago. I bet not many of you knew that!

Taoyuan, 1-Jul-2017.

CreditsFR24Skyliner, me.

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Taipei Songshan: 18-24 Jun 2017

Slightly later than usual with the report this week. Those who worry about me slowing down in my dotage will be reassured to hear that alcohol rather than senility is to blame (although the end results are often confused with each other).

There’s been a lot of runway changes recently and as I may have mentioned, my SBS struggles with arrivals and departures from the east. So the following is by no means complete. The Facebook group for the airport has recently posted photos of Falcon 7X B-2805 and MD-87 N168CF but they’re undated so I’m not sure if they were recent movements.

Anyway, enough, let’s get on with what I know was here…

There’s actually not that much to comment on. BAe 125 HS-CPH was in out on 18-Jun, VISTAJET MALTA Global 9H-VJS arrived on 19-Jun, and Learjet 35 VH-PFA was in on 20-Jun. 21-Jun was possibly the best day with Sovereign N10TS, Challenger N605PS, Gulfstream G550 N885WT and Global N3389H all arriving. 22-Jun saw Legacy B-3799 arrive. I think most of the preceding have been in before, but one I didn’t recognise was Global N810TS on 23-Jun.

With thanks to Chung Cheng Hsueh here’s HS-CPH arriving on 18-Jun.

BAe 125-800 HS-CPH

BAe 125-800 HS-CPH – Chung Cheng Hsueh

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